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[Feature Focus] EdOptions Academy Virtual Teacher Mentoring Program

[Feature Focus] EdOptions Academy Virtual Teacher Mentoring Program

EdOptions Academy has been a leader in virtual education for decades, pioneering the way to providing high-quality instruction so students could continue to thrive regardless of location and circumstance. With every teacher across the world taking on virtual teaching tasks, it becomes evident that we had the expertise, knowledge, and resources to share with these districts to help build capacity for virtual teaching and learning. Like face-to-face, virtual instruction is an art that takes specialized skills and practice.

With so many educators taking on new virtual teaching tasks, expertise in virtual learning is more important than ever. That’s why Edmentum launched the Virtual Teacher Mentoring Program to help build virtual teaching capacity whether teachers were fully virtual, hybrid, or in a blended environment. Offering expert coaching by master virtual teachers with years of experience in online instruction, this program will allow teachers to adapt their skills in face-to-face instruction for the virtual classroom. Additionally, through active participation in the Virtual Teacher Mentoring Program, teachers will have ongoing opportunities to accumulate professional development hours that can count toward maintaining and renewing state certifications.

See what educators have to say about the Virtual Teacher Mentoring Program:

Our Virtual Teacher Mentoring Program is made up of five core elements:

Edmentum Virtual Teacher Mentoring Program Core Elements


Mentors are master online teachers with the experience, knowledge and passion to share and collaborate with other educators. They connect with their mentees and work toward building comfort and foundational knowledge, and they provide one-on-one instructional coaching, expert advice, and opportunities for feedback and reflection.

Professional Learning Community (PLC)

Traditionally, development for teachers has included face-to-face collaboration with their peers to exchange expertise and professional dialogue. Through the Virtual Teacher Mentoring Program, new virtual teachers can experience the same level of community and collaboration regardless of circumstance or location. Educators will have the opportunity to participate in PLCs that address topics that include providing instructional best practices, optimizing the student experience, and encouraging academic achievement. Through this opportunity a community of educators is created to allow for valuable networking across the globe.


Connecting with a group of teachers who share common specialties promotes new knowledge for teachers to take back to their individual workplaces. Teachers go through the mentor program with a cohort of educators based on their content area, grade level, and/or state certification. With their cohort, teachers will participate in collaborative teacher meetings that are facilitated around data-driven instruction, student learning goals, and the refinement of teacher practices.

System and Content

In addition to learning how to teach virtually, educators will discover the ins and outs of navigating Edmentum systems, unpack the Edmentum curriculum pedagogy, and explore how to effectively implement content with students.


Through participation in the Mentor Program, educators will have the opportunity to earn and Edmentum issued Online Teaching Certification. This is optional pathway to deepen the mentees capacity.

The Edmentum Virtual Teacher Mentoring Program puts educators first so that they can navigate their new virtual classroom confidently, and help students succeed with online learning. Learn more about how EdOptions Academy can support your school and your students today!

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Debbie Crawford

Debbie Crawford joined the Edmentum team in 2019 as a Customer Support Representative. After a year of providing direct support to educators each day, Debbie transitioned into the Marketing Specialist role to further her impact for educators. As a First-Generation College Student from a small, rural Texas town, Debbie greatly values education and the educators that go above and beyond to inspire students to pursue learning both in and out of the classroom. Debbie has nine years of experience in arts marketing and was the first woman to graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Performance from Hardin-Simmons University. Her goal is to learn something new every day and to inspire others to do the same.