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[Feature Focus] EducationCity Learn Screens

[Feature Focus] EducationCity Learn Screens

As an educator, do weekends during the school year start to look a little like this all-too-accurate pie chart from We Are Teachers? If lesson planning is taking over your 48 hours of freedom, then finding a program that’s rich in teacher resources to help you plan for more targeted instruction is key. EducationCity is one such tool you’ll want in your lesson-planning toolbox. As a powerful instructional resource, EducationCity offers standards-aligned content for preK-6th grade students across six elementary subjects to help you pinpoint the specific classroom objectives you want to teach.

When you’re exploring all that EducationCity has to offer, we recommend you spend some time getting to know our Learn Screens. These animated video tutorials serve as a critical instructional tool to help you introduce a new topic, reinforce understanding, or provide a nice refresher to help spiral learning later in the school year.

Today, we will take a closer look at Learn Screens and explore how they both support educators as a tool for interactive topic introduction and provide self-guided learning for students.

How are Learn Screens designed and organized?

Learn Screens are specifically created to help introduce a new concept or skill in an engaging video format. Each Learn Screen uses the familiar band of EducationCity characters and a student-friendly real-life scenario to explore a discrete skill. Throughout the Learn Screen, you will notice clear audio narration, written text captions, and pause and fast forward buttons to assist with pacing.

Check out an example of a newly updated 6th grade math Learn Screen that explores the topic, percents, below. And don’t forget, current customers can try out this and other exciting updated and new content anytime by going into the ‘New Content’ section of the ‘Teacher Area’.

EducationCity Learn Screens "Percents"

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How can teachers use Learn Screens?

From the very beginning, Learn Screens were carefully designed with the educator in mind. Kick off your lesson by launching one of your choosing, then pause for discussion or checks for understanding along the way. Pacing icons at the top of the screen help break up content into bite-sized chunks so you can feel confident finding just the right moment to pause for additional educator-led guidance and instruction.

Shown below, this newly updated kindergarten Learn Screen focuses on recognizing and naming letters. The red rocket-launch buttons at the top provide the pacing guide for this particular Learn Screen.

EducationCity Learn Screens "Letters"

Additionally, to accommodate students’ varying preferred learning modalities, Learn Screens offer a necessary change of pace that is visually stimulating. When you’re on the hunt for creative resources to help kick off a new standard focus or reinforce learning from a previous unit, lean on EducationCity to jumpstart learning.

How can students use Learn Screens?

When students are ready to move into independent work or need additional reinforcement at home, Learn Screens can serve as invaluable instructional tools. Even if first introduced during whole-class instruction, Learn Screens provide critical reinforcement that can help set students up for success on later activities and assignments that will test their understanding.

Take for example, this 6th grade science Learn Screen below. This rich tool allows students to explore different planets in our solar system in an interactive format that will make them feel like they’re aboard their very own rocket ship.

EducationCity Learn Screens "Solar System"

Students can find Learn Screens on their own via Pick and Play, or you as the educator can sequence a series of assignments for each student in your class that includes a Learn Screen lesson as the first step.

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