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[Feature Focus] Reading Eggs Printable and Digital Worksheets

[Feature Focus] Reading Eggs Printable and Digital Worksheets

Reading is a precursor to academic success, and as regular classroom instruction evolves due to the pandemic, ensuring continued progress for students is paramount. Looking for ready-made resources to support your young readers in any learning environment? Reading Eggs’ printable and digital worksheets are here to help!

 Edmentum’s Reading Eggs targets literacy development for pre-K to 6th grade students through interactive gameplay. The three-in-one program—made up of Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, and Fast Phonics—helps students develop and reinforce their core reading skills. Designed to engage and actively reward students, learning to read and reading to learn become fun and interactive experiences.

 Of course, a combination of instruction, scaffolding, and repetition is key when it comes to building foundational literacy skills. Reading Eggs not only has students covered within the program but also outside of it through a robust offering of worksheets and related teacher lesson plans. Covering topics at all stages and skill levels, these resources equip educators with tools to support whole-class, small-group, or individual instruction. Further, the worksheets can be applied in a traditional or virtual classroom, facilitating learning equity and access for all students.

Let’s break down what types of worksheets there are, where you can find them, and how they might be used in a flexible learning environment.


Worksheets Aligned to Each Lesson 

Did you know that every lesson in Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress is paired with a PDF printable? This feature allows teachers to work through students’ individual problem areas, complementing the program’s focus on self-paced growth and meeting learners where they are. Wherever your students may be in their learning path, you’re sure to find resources here to guide them at every stage.  

Access printables on the left navigation pane of your homepage via Reading Eggs > Lessons or Reading Eggspress > Lessons. You’ll notice that each lesson (with the exception of spelling lessons) has one student and one teacher printable for download. An ELL PDF is also available for Spanish-speaking students. Further, you can preview each animated lesson in the game mode to give visibility into what is covered. Pretty neat, right?

Reading Eggs    

Over 230 learn-to-read printables suitable for pre-K to 2nd grade students are ready to go and are organized by reading, spelling, and vocabulary skills. Check out a few of these sample printouts!


Reading Eggspress

An even larger array of printables supports 2nd to 6th grade students on their read-to-learn journey. This section is organized by reading and spelling lessons. Check out the following samples!

Teacher Toolkit Worksheets

The Teacher Toolkit tab on your homepage provides a large selection of printable and/or digital worksheets and teaching notes to extend learning outside of the Reading Eggs platform.

This tab can be looked at as having three parts: K–6 areas, Big Books, and Book Notes.

K–6 Areas

In the K–6 Teaching Resources sub-tabs, printables for the whole class, individuals, or small groups can be found in several areas:

  • K–6: Phonics & Spelling > Student Worksheets & Teacher Notes with Student Worksheets: Here is an example worksheet for 2nd graders to practice their knowledge of compound words (answer sheet included!).
  • K–6: Grammar > Teacher Notes with Student Worksheets: Example here.
  • 5–6: Writing > Text Types Teacher Notes with Student Worksheets: This area supports students as they learn about different types of texts, such as poems and passages. Dozens of teaching notes and worksheets are provided.


Big Books and Book Notes

In these two areas, you can select a book and related materials (teacher notes and student printables) for shared reading time. Books can be read together in person via projector or virtually via screenshare. Book Notes accompany each Big Book, and they will help you plan your lesson and provide an independent practice component that ties directly to the book. These worksheets can also be printed or shared digitally. Below, you’ll find an image of an interactive Big Book that teachers can read with their students. Here is an example of its related Book Notes.

Reading Eggs Dinosaur Lesson

Note: You can use the Reading Level Correlation Chart (Homepage > Quick Links > User Guides) to help determine which Big Book to select. The chart is a handy resource that allows teachers to correlate reading levels in Reading Eggs to Lexile measure, Fountas & Pinnell Literacy™ guided reading, Reading Recovery, and DRA levels.


General Applications

Whether you are teaching virtually or in person, there are many ways to utilize the tools available to you. Use physical printouts, or view worksheets and e-books over your video-conferencing platform of choice, to move classroom-based instruction online. Here are some use-case ideas to inspire you—feel free to tweak them based on your preferred mode of instruction:

  • Develop homework packets that can be printed at home, or print and make packets available for pickup for families who may not have access to a computer as virtual learning occurs.
  • Use printables for use in small-group, classroom-based stations when brick-and-mortar learning is in session.
  • Email or send home worksheets, and review them during one-on-one intervention. This option is suitable for all learning environments (in-person or virtual), and it can help students work through individual challenge areas tied to their Reading Eggs lessons.


How will you use your Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress tools this school year? Let us know on social media by tagging us @edmentum!

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