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[Feature Focus] Study Island Teacher Toolkit

[Feature Focus] Study Island Teacher Toolkit

As a teacher, don’t you love when you have resources at your fingertips to make preparing for class easier? The Study Island Teacher Toolkit gives you just that! Housed in the toolkit are thousands of elementary, middle, and high school learning resources like ready-made lesson plans with differentiation tips for advanced and struggling learners, video lessons, virtual science labs, and more!  These resources are great for supplementing lessons or just for getting new ideas on how to teach a concept or skill. In the Teacher Toolkit, you can easily search for the resources you need. You can even filter by grade, subject, subcategory, and resource type.

With a quick keyword search, you can easily find these types of resources:

[NEW] Taco the Crab Video Lessons: These video lessons give students more opportunities for direct instruction while they are practicing. Teachers can access the entire library at any time in the Teacher Toolkit!

Teacher Videos: Teacher videos feature experienced teachers who briefly talk through ways in which you can effectively address and teach specific topics in your classroom.

Lesson Plans: Lesson plans include summaries, preassessment exercises, whole-group instructional steps, and differentiated activities. You will often find a slide deck provided for you to use in addition to the lesson plan.

Educational Videos: The educational videos available in the Teacher Toolkit help supplement instructional content and lessons.

Math Practice Activities: Math practice activities are detailed plans for teachers to use in the classroom to cover Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice. These activities have been structured to meet DOK level 3 and level 4 complexity ratings.

Virtual Science Labs: Available for middle and high school students, virtual labs help students learn key science concepts with short, interactive animations, examples, and virtual experiments.

Project-Based Learning Activities: These activities outline individual or group projects that motivate and engage students in self-directed learning.

Khan Academy Lessons: Khan Academy videos help reinforce our middle and high school math lessons with brief tutorials that review specific concepts and examples.

Which resources will you be using this coming school year? Edmentum is committing to placing the #EducatorFirst by providing educators with resources to support them in the classroom. Be sure to stay up to date with all Study Island enhancements on our What’s New page!