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FEV Tutor + Edmentum: 13 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Tutoring

FEV Tutor + Edmentum: 13 Frequently Asked Questions About Online Tutoring

You’ve probably heard that FEV Tutor’s one-to-one online tutoring services are now available to support students working in Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy fully virtual courses and Courseware digital curricula. But, we also hear that sounds like a lot of edtech and online learning in one sentence.

We’re guessing you have some questions about what online tutoring through FEV Tutor actually entails and how it benefits students working in Edmentum programs. Read on for answers to some of the most common questions we hear.

1. Who is FEV Tutor? 

FEV Tutor is the leader in K–12 online tutoring, providing research and evidence-based, live, one-to-one instruction to accelerate learning outcomes and effect positive change in education. Currently, FEV Tutor works with over 600 schools, districts, and charter schools nationwide. The virtual tutoring model is research and evidence based, with a proven track record of accelerating learning outcomes that matter for schools, districts, and students.

2. What is live one-to-one virtual tutoring? 

Virtual tutoring through FEV Tutor allows students to receive live, one-to-one instructional support from a highly-qualified tutor to help them with their coursework, homework, and other targeted instruction. Tutoring is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through either prescheduled sessions with their preferred tutor or on demand. This is done through a web-based platform that features a virtual whiteboard for live synchronous instruction and real-time collaboration between students and tutors.

3. What kinds of students and instructional challenges can FEV Tutor support?

Virtual tutoring sessions from FEV Tutor can support students with a variety of needs, using such techniques as:

  • Targeted skill building to address specific gaps and foundational concepts
  • Coursework support for on-demand help connected to Edmentum content
  • High-stakes assessment preparation for state tests and college entrance exams
  • Credit recovery support to provide real-time assistance and build academic confidence

4. Is virtual tutoring integrated with Edmentum products? 

Yes, the FEV Tutor platform is integrated with Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy, Courseware, and Calvert Learning. FEV Tutor instructors have access to Edmentum content, including courses and assignments, to seamlessly extend the learning experience and augment the role of the core classroom or virtual teacher of record. 

5. What grades and subjects are supported? 

FEV Tutor virtual tutoring sessions currently support students in grades 2—12 in the core subject areas of math, English language arts/reading, science, and social studies. This also includes support for SAT, ACT, and GED assessments, as well as Advanced Placement preparation courses and exams.

6. When is virtual tutoring available? 

FEV Tutor sessions are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and can be carried out before, during, or after school, including nights and weekends. Tutors are available around the clock, but the majority of tutoring takes place sometime between 7 AM and 11 PM in any given time zone. Virtual tutoring sessions can be prescheduled so that students can meet with their preferred tutor or initiated on demand (with the student being matched with a tutor qualified in the appropriate subject within one minute).

7. Who are the Tutors/Instructors? 

FEV Tutor hires only the best-of-the-best within the online tutor team. Here’s what you can expect from the FEV Tutor online tutors you and your students work with:

  • Appropriate academic qualifications: All tutors hold, at minimum, a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.
  • Subject-matter expertise: Tutors only provide instruction in subjects aligned to their degree and area of expertise, and they must pass a series of two to three subject-matter tests.
  • Prior experience as instructors: Every one of the online tutors has at least two years of previous experience either as a classroom teacher or tutor.
  • Clean background checks: FEV Tutor requires FBI fingerprints and clear background checks on file for every one of the online tutors.

8. How does FEV Tutor ensure the safety, security, and privacy of students and their personal information?

Student safety is FEV Tutor’s top concern. A full background check is run on each tutor, and FBI fingerprints and background checks are kept on file. Plus, all virtual tutoring sessions are recorded and regularly monitored for quality assurance.

9. What devices are supported? 

The FEV Tutor virtual tutoring platform is device agnostic; however, a tablet-sized device or larger is recommended for an optimized experience. The platform is web-based and operates on devices including (but not limited to): Chromebooks, PC laptops, MacBook/Mac computers, desktops, iPad and Android tablets, and other computers and tablets that have Internet connectivity.

10. How many students can be supported at one time? 

The FEV Tutor platform was designed to provide every and any student with a live, one-to-one virtual tutoring experience, and technology is leveraged so that there are no limitations on scaling the number of students who can access this simultaneously. Our goal is to utilize innovative technology to support and accelerate learning outcomes for all students. 

11. Are progress monitoring and tracking included? 

Similar to any instructional software program for schools and districts, FEV Tutor services include a robust progress-monitoring and reporting component. All key stakeholders, including students, school/district educators, and families, have 24/7 access to reporting that offers insight on student academic progress. In addition, the FEV Tutor teams sends out confidential weekly progress reports to keep a close eye on the usage and student engagement/success of the program. 

12. Has virtual tutoring been successful in helping students? 

FEV Tutor has conducted third-party research that validates the program as a level 2 ESSA evidence-based intervention. Our commitment to ongoing research and the compilation of evidence allows us to continually improve the product and experience for our education partners and students. 

13. What kind of customer support is available for the product? 

FEV Tutor’s integrated virtual tutoring platform offers a unique combination of standard Edmentum product support, combined with FEV Tutor's Academic Success & Family and Student Engagement Team, to ensure that students, educators, and families are fully supported and set up for success. 

Don’t see your question answered on this list? Reach out! We’re excited about the possibilities this partnership between FEV Tutor and Edmentum opens up, and we’d love to speak with you more about how one-to-one, on-demand, online tutoring can support students working in online courses!'s picture
Sarah Cornelius

Sarah Cornelius is an Associate Product Manager at Edmentum and has been with the company since 2014. In her role, she works to provide educators with engaging and insightful resources. Sarah received her B.S. in Professional Communications and Emerging Media from the University of Wisconsin - Stout.