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FEV Tutor + Edmentum: Rigorous Standards for Online Tutors Yield Outstanding Student Outcomes

FEV Tutor + Edmentum: Rigorous Standards for Online Tutors Yield Outstanding Student Outcomes

We at FEV Tutor have been partnering with Edmentum to provide live, on-demand, 24/7 tutoring for students enrolled in Courseware and EdOptions Academy courses for about three months now. So far, the response we’ve received was overwhelmingly positive—and that’s largely because of our highly qualified online tutors.

Online learning is an ambiguous concept. Online tutoring can be equally nuanced—and we frequently get questions about what our on-demand virtual tutoring services entail and who our tutors are. Our online tutors don’t take the place of a student’s teacher of record (whether that educator works with the student in person or virtually). Instead, they are additional resources of knowledgeable, caring education professionals available to provide extra learning support on particular concepts and skills, exactly when the student needs it.

If you’re taking advantage of FEV Tutor services available as part of your Edmentum implementation, here’s what you can expect from the online tutors you and your students work with:

Appropriate academic qualifications: All tutors hold, at minimum, a four-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.

Subject-matter expertise: Teaching different content areas requires diverse skill sets and different approaches. Tutors only provide instruction in subjects aligned to their degree and area of expertise, and they must pass a series of two to three subject-matter tests before being hired by FEV Tutor.

Clean background checks: Student safety is paramount, and when you’re having your students work with outside professionals, you need to know that those individuals are trustworthy. That’s why FEV Tutor requires FBI fingerprints and clear background checks on file for every one of our online tutors.

Prior experience as instructors: Providing effective instruction is a skill—and mastery requires practice. Every one of our online tutors has at least two years of previous experience either as a classroom teacher or tutor. So you can rest assured that your students are working with professionals who have had ample time to hone their instructional skills.

Extensive training in online tutoring: FEV Tutor provides all of our tutors with in-depth “boot camp” training where they focus on content matter, teaching methodology, and the nuances of working in an online tutoring atmosphere. This includes specific skills applicable to the online market, such as handling wait time, checking for understanding, and developing rapport with the students. Before tutors begin working with students, they participate in numerous mock sessions, watch demonstration videos, and consistently receive feedback on their tutoring skills, as well as ongoing professional development.

Manageable student loads to build personal relationships: FEV Tutor has built up a team of online tutors dedicated exclusively to working with Edmentum partners. This ensures that our tutors know each of their students, provide more differentiated instruction, and understand the context of the schools or districts their students come from.

At FEV Tutor, we’re dedicated to providing schools, districts, students, and families with access to outstanding tutors who are held to rigorous standards as educators and professionals, and we’re proud of the successful outcomes these individuals have been able to help students achieve. We believe in our approach to online tutoring not only because of positive statistics but also because of the feedback we receive from the students who work with our tutors. Here’s what our students have to say:

"I've been trying to understand slope for over a year, and this [tutor] taught me it online in under 30 minutes!" – 9th grade student

"I appreciate [my tutor’s] time to answer my questions and being patient with me. When I don't understand something, he takes his time showing me the right answer." – 6th grade math student 

"FEV Tutor has helped me with polynomials, ranges. . . . A normal day on FEV Tutor is very helpful. I feel extremely comfortable. I like that I can provide feedback. My tutor listens and asks me questions and supports me and motivates me to do better."  – 9th grade student (Texas)

"What makes FEV Tutor different from the programs I’ve used is that you’re not talking to some kind of robot. You’re talking to an actual person. They will help you if you got something wrong, or they will tell you what you did right.”  5th grade student (Georgia)

Want to find out more about how live one-to-one online tutoring from FEV Tutor can help accelerate student outcomes in blended and fully virtual learning environments? Get the details on the full scope of our partnership for Courseware and EdOptions Academy!'s picture
Sarah Cornelius

Sarah Cornelius is an Associate Product Manager at Edmentum and has been with the company since 2014. In her role, she works to provide educators with engaging and insightful resources. Sarah received her B.S. in Professional Communications and Emerging Media from the University of Wisconsin - Stout.