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Fighting Assessment Fatigue and Keeping Students Engaged Before, During, and After State Testing

Fighting Assessment Fatigue and Keeping Students Engaged Before, During, and After State Testing

This time of year, you are fighting one of the many distractions that your students are facing. The weather is finally warming up, summer break is right around the corner, and students are beginning to feel burned out from testing. How can you keep your students engaged and fight assessment fatigue before, during, and after state testing? We polled our wonderful community of educators on Facebook and a few former educators from Edmentum to get their insights. Here are a few of our favorite ideas:

“We used to stagger our testing over a few weeks so the students would not get test fatigue it rather fit into a somewhat normal day. I think as a former classroom teacher, if you develop a relationship and properly prepare [your students] without it being the focus testing becomes a time they can celebrate their learned knowledge. Then they also know when it's over we still have work to put in to get to the finish line. Make your classroom interactive and fun so they look forward to coming and that helped me avoid the fatigue of testing and done attitude.”

– Kelli N.


“After assessment we do a large project based off of a menu where they get to choose items they would like to complete. This counts as a portfolio grade towards their final exam.”

– Coll G.


“During the testing time we try and make the times that we are not testing fun and engaging so students are not hitting that fatigue. I know personally, I do a lot of game-based review to keep it fun and students wanting to participate. After testing is over we do a genius hour in my class where students get to pick the topic of their choice and there are certain guidelines on how to do the research but it is meant as a learning tool with research but also to be fun!”

– Jill W.


“Pep rally before testing! We had a rap battle between staff and students about testing and success. Coming up with a theme and slogan for that year is always fun. I have had friends wear Orange Crush shirts, because their students were going to "crush" the test. They also handed out various flavors of Crush sodas to students after the test. Also, have snacks for students during test breaks. After the test, always celebrate, whether it is in class or as a school. When the new scores are available, have students talk about whether they met or exceeded their goals, etc.”

– Nikki L., Former Educator at Edmentum


“I bring my diffuser to my classroom. Also, I hand out peppermints.”

– Renee O. , Edmentum Educator Network Member

Plant Therapy

Educators, you’ve made it through another year of state testing! Keep up the great work, and the end of the school year is almost here. Looking for more tips on how to keep yourself engaged for the home stretch of the school year? Check out this blog post on how to avoid the end-of-the-year coast!