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Five Oklahoma Educators Share Their Love for Exact Path

Five Oklahoma Educators Share Their Love for Exact Path

The best part of designing, testing, and launching programs that accelerate growth for students is being able to collect meaningful, authentic educator feedback on how those programs are moving the needle in classrooms (in both physical and virtual ones). This past fall and winter, we heard from a number of talented educators across the state of Oklahoma, and they shared the most-loved features from fellow educators and students alike. Check out five reasons why educators are employing our K–12 program, Exact Path, to offer diagnostic-driven direct instruction in reading, language arts, and math.

1. Meeting Students on the Level They Are Ready to Learn

“As a teacher, I love the concept of the students working on their individual needs. Exact Path is a way for students to learn on their level, fill in the gaps, and feel a sense of accomplishment.”

- Valerie Williams, 4th grade teacher at Hilldale Elementary in Muskogee, Oklahoma

2. Driving Personalized and On-Grade Learning

“I love that students can work at their own skill level, as we have students in and out of school while being quarantined. I create grade-level assignments to work on together at school, and then when students finish their assignments at different times during class, they can go to their learning path and continue building on their math skills.”

- Jamie Marak, 6th to 12th math teacher at Coleman Public Schools in Coleman, Oklahoma

3. Creating Rich Opportunities for Engagement

“Students are loving the individual pathways and earning [Mastery] Trophies. We have social celebrations in our online classroom and give class prizes for the most mastered lessons, most minutes worked, and most students working on their learning path.”

- Audra Plummer, head of school at Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy in Midwest City, Oklahoma

4. Providing Concise and Targeted Lessons

“As a teacher, I love that this program meets the students where they are and gives them the interventions that they need. Students love that the lessons are quick and they can see success.”

- Crystal Lakey, 5th grade special education teacher at Roosa Elementary School in Claremore, Oklahoma

5. Encouraging Easy Onboarding for Educators

“Our teachers love that Exact Path is a valuable program that doesn’t require much on their side in the way of creating individual assignments because it generated a tailored learning path for each student based on their diagnostic data.”

 - Lauren Hunt, instructional coach at Mustang Central Middle School in Mustang, Oklahoma

Interested in hearing more stories from Oklahoma schools? Check out this success story about Differentiated Learning Based on Individual Data in Oologah, Oklahoma. Still want to learn more about our award-winning program? Watch a brief product overview and demonstration.


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