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Five Read Alouds to Celebrate 100 Days of School

Five Read Alouds to Celebrate 100 Days of School

The 100th day of school is just around the corner! Whether you’ll be celebrating in late January or early February this year, this is always a great milestone to celebrate with your elementary students.

As you collect ideas for crafts, snacks, and fun activities students will participate in this year, take a look at this list of five read alouds and corresponding activities to help you celebrate the day together—and sneak in a little learning along the way!

1. 100th Day Worries

If you’re looking to coincide your 100th day celebration with a 100-item collection project, I recommend you start with this tale. In 100th Day Worries, join Jessica as she contemplates different collection ideas, worrying about which is the right one to show her class. Grab this story to introduce the project to your students and officially kick things off with a note home. Here’s a sample letter and project rubric we like.

2. I’ll Teach My Dog 100 Words

As a class read aloud, the fun and clever cadence of this book makes it enjoyable for all. Leave this book out in a separate center and give students a chance to count 100 words (without counting ‘a’ more than once) and see if they can come up with 100 on their own! As a class activity, challenge students to a word hunt to see if they can collect 100 words they know just by searching interesting places in your classroom like posters, bulletin boards, labels, and signs.

3. 100 Snowmen

This seasonal read uses cumulative addition to count snowmen 1 to 100. Older children will enjoy the math problems included on each page, while younger students can practice counting the snowmen throughout their winter adventures in this tale. To follow up this read aloud, ask students to write and illustrate their own snowmen adventure and coordinating math problem. Share them as a class and see how close to 100 your students can get collectively.

4. One Hundred Hungry Ants

Join 100 ants as they march off to a picnic and discuss different ways to count to 100 as you go. A great cross-curricular read, this book illustrates math concepts such as division and multiplication in a way that is accessible for even your youngest students. After reading, get your students up and moving, while practicing their counting skills. Invite different students up in front of the class to lead their peers in a count of their choice (by twos, fives, or tens, for example) pairing each count with a specific action such as toe touches or jumping jacks.

P.S. - If you plan to share some sweet treats with your students, save this for one for late afternoon to help them work off that sugar high!

5. Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day

Who doesn’t love Miss Bindergarten and all her Kindergarten adventures? In this story, join her as she celebrates 100 days of school with her class. Use this tale to round out your day-long celebration and help your students practice comparing and contrasting how they spent their 100th day of school as opposed to the students in the book.

Want even more ideas to help celebrate 100 days of school? Check out our 100th Day of School Pinterest board. And, for a dynamic, online reading solution that will keep students building their foundational literacy skills all year long, check out Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress! This pre-K through 6thgrade program is built on the five essential pillars of reading and designed to help your students become lifelong, proficient readers.

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