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Five Study Island Features that Educators Can't Live Without

Five Study Island Features that Educators Can't Live Without

As Study Island users will agree, there are so many things to love about this program. From standards-based formative assessments, to real-time progress monitoring and ongoing practice, Study Island hits all the key features educators look for in an online program. In this blog we are highlighting some of teachers’ favorite Study Island features and how they are using them in their classrooms.

  1. Built Tests

Using our test builder tool, educators can create, customize, and distribute standards-based tests through Study Island. Whether creating a short formative assessment, giving a unit test, or benchmarking students, teachers can use this tool to design a customized test by pulling questions from Study Island’s large bank of multiple-choice and technology-enhanced items. These tests can also be used in a live Group Session in which the entire class can respond to and discuss questions together. 

Educators at Walton Middle School of Walton County School District in DeFuniak Springs, FL, use the test builder tool in Study Island to create formative assessments for additional practice in the classroom. The school has seen a 5% increase in their students’ science scores in just one year of using Study Island. Take a look at Walton County School District’s implementation and successes.

  1. Standards Alignment

Edmentum is dedicated to keeping Study Island tightly-aligned to each state's standards, and we are continuously refining the topics and items in Study Island as standards evolve. The associated standards for every Study Island topic is always easily accessible, whether viewing content through the topic tree, making an assignment, or reviewing results. And, the standards map provides easy access to all of the Study Island topics and associated standards in one convenient place to provide easy access for planning.

When Woodrow Wilson Elementary School in Denton, TX, was looking for an online educational program, the educators were most concerned about alignment to the Texas standards, the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills or TEKS. The hope was to find a program with more targeted practice in math, reading, and science. Study Island was able to provide that and helped 94% of Wilson Elementary's ELL students meet standards in reading and language arts. Read more about Woodrow Wilson Elementary School’s Study Island implementation.

  1. Topic Tree

With Study Island Topic Tree, practice items are organized by standards and skills, allowing educators to assign practice or build classroom assessments focused on just what they want to cover. Students can see their in-progress topics, new assignments when they are created by a teacher, and suggested topics where they may need a little more practice.

Beauregard Parish in DeRidder, LA needed curriculum that could help their non-traditional students while ensuring that they are learning and meeting state standards mastery. Since Study Island’s Topic Tree has such a large bank of topics to choose from, it’s easy for educators to find specific concepts to focus on with individual students.

"... if [teachers] see that there's a problem with their kids comprehending something like character development, voice, or tone, those topics are easy to find in Study Island, because it's laid out so they can go to that specific topic and just have stories that deal with those particular types of questions," explained Dana Daughety, Instructional Computer Specialist at Beauregard Parish. Take a closer look at Beauregard Parish’s Study Island Implementation.

  1. Teacher dashboard, Edmentum Sensei

The data-visualization dashboard in Study Island, also known as Sensei, gathers and sorts student data for educators by subject, topic, and standard. Through the charts, graphs, and visual cues Sensei provides, teachers can easily see what their students know, and areas in which students are struggling so that they can make faster, more informed instructional decisions.

Educators at Christa McAuliffe Middle School, in Boynton Beach, FL saw the value of being able to access reporting. Sensei gave these teachers an easy way to monitor their students and personalize their lessons in just a few clicks. Read more about Christa McAuliffe Middle School’s implementation and how they increased state assessment scores from 61% proficient to 74%.

  1. Game Mode

Who doesn’t love a little break of fun during practice time? Study Island's game mode allows students to play a quick, one-minute game whenever they answer questions correctly. This keeps students motivated and engaged while they are working through a topic.

Wrightstown Middle School in Wrightstown, WI uses Study Island for the special education environment at the school. Aside from continuous practice to build knowledge and skills, game mode has helped keep that student population engaged and motivated to keep working. Dive more into Wrightstown Middle School’s success with Study Island.

If you don’t currently have Study Island, but want to experience these features hands-on, sign up for a free trial today!

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