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Five Things That Will Derail Your Summer School Program

Five Things That Will Derail Your Summer School Program

We at Edmentum help thousands of schools prepare for and administer summer school programs, and we are often asked, “What are pitfalls we need to avoid?” Well look no further! We have compiled a few of them right here.

  1. Not adhering to summer school timelines
    Make sure you have a timeline, and stick to it. Summer school is short, and nothing will derail your program faster than getting off track.
  2. Students assume summer courses will be easier
    Before students start summer school, make sure you set the expectation that this will not be an “easier” version of the courses that take place during the normal school year. Point out that due to the shortened timeframe, summer courses can be more demanding.
  3. Students fail to check in daily with teachers
    Falling behind in summer school can be devastating with the aggressive timelines that many schools put forth. So, make sure you and your teachers stay out in front by keeping in contact daily with students.
  4. Students are not committed to summer school
    Make sure students understand why they are involved with summer school and why it is important. Is it to catch up, get ahead, or graduate on time? Get them excited about the goal, and you will find it easier to get them to commit to summer school.
  5. Insufficient planning and training
    This is no surprise, but if you do not prepare properly and have appropriate training, you will be in for a long few months.

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Beth Holine

Beth Holine joined Edmentum in 2011 as a Marketing Specialist. In her role, she works to provide teachers and educators with innovative, useful resources. Beth has a B.S. in Psychology from the Iowa State University.