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Fostering Parent Relationships Through EdOptions Academy

Fostering Parent Relationships Through EdOptions Academy

Good communication is important in all relationships. It’s an integral piece of the puzzle when it comes to building rapport. At EdOptions Academy, Edmentum’s fully virtual school, our teachers are committed to building strong relationships with both students and parents/guardians.

At EdOptions Academy, it’s of paramount importance that parents/guardians feel like they are equally involved in their learner’s success from the very beginning. How do we ensure that this is the case? Let’s discuss three ways we build relationships with the parents/guardian of our learners through EdOptions Academy.

1. Dependable Communication

Parents/guardians can call, e-mail, or text message to talk with teachers. Communication is a two-way street! We encourage parents/guardians to be active participants in their child’s learning.

“Even though I do not see my students face to face every day, I am able to build relationships with them through the resources provided by Edmentum as well as my own technology. I am able to interact with them by email, phone, text, chat/message, and collaboration space. I have found that most students prefer text (at all hours of the night!), and I always give them the opportunity to communicate with me however they most feel comfortable. I do find myself calling my students and parents a lot to ensure that they stay on pace and are aware of where they stand in our class. Even in times when my communication is not successful, I leave messages and texts with my students because I know they will receive and see at least one of them! I also follow up with coaches and administrators about students who are not on pace or have not been great communicators. I encourage my students as much as I can, and I have seen success from many students.”

- EdOptions Academy Teacher, Kristen Bowman

2. Progress Reports

Our teachers provide weekly progress report data that includes current grades; end-date reminders; and recommendations concerning student pace, progress, performance, and remediation/interventions as needed for parents/guardians to review. These reports are a great way to ensure that parents/guardians, students, and teachers are all on the same page and can address any red flags.

“Much of my time is spent providing continuous feedback to students regarding the material they are covering and the work they’ve submitted. Once a month, I make phone calls to check in on progress and comprehension of class material, which I feel really makes the class a real experience for the student.”

- EdOptions Academy Teacher, Ashley Allbritton

3. Easy Access 

Parents/guardians can also monitor their learners at any time with 24-hour access to student grades and progress. Here’s a brief list of the details that are available:

  • Past and current assignments 
  • Progress reports
  • Time spent on assignments 
  • Current grades 
  • Assignment start and due dates

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