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[FREE Resources] 4 Fun Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

[FREE Resources] 4 Fun Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

Independence Day often brings fireworks, picnics, a day off from work, and all-day summer fun for everyone. While you’re celebrating this summer event, you’ll want to make sure that you know why you’re celebrating in the first place! Celebrate this patriotic day with FREE resources from Edmentum! In the resource pack, you will receive: two fact sheets discussing the history of Independence Day, two critical thinking questions demonstrating how Independence Day is celebrated and why the Declaration of Independence is important to America, and a colorful poster!

Here are for fun ways to celebrate America’s birthday this year:

1. Make patriotic food

Summer holidays (and most American holidays in general) tend to be centered around food, and Independence Day is no exception! Here are a couple of fun and easy recipes we found on Pinterest for you to bring to your annual picnic or family barbecue:


Firework Fruit Kabobs                             Red, White, & Blue Rice Krispies Bites


2. Sing a festive song

How can you celebrate Independence Day without a patriotic song? Teach your children a classic American song and sing along as you head off to the lake or camping site. Here are some fun suggestions to get you started:

"The Preamble" by Schoohouse Rock!

“America the Beautiful” by the Kiboomers

3. Make a red, white, and blue craft

Show your red, white, and blue pride with a fun holiday craft! This is a perfect, hands-on opportunity for your child to show some creativity and get into the true spirit of the day. Check out these awesome and easy crafts we found:


          Patriotic Lantern                           Firecracker Confetti Rockets


4. Attend a parade

What is more American than attending a parade? Check your local newspaper, bulletin board, or town’s social media accounts to see when your city is hosting a parade. Get out and enjoy marching bands, flag twirlers, and parade floats!

Be sure to download our FREE resources from Edmentum to celebrate Independence Day. Have a safe, fun, and educational 4th of July!