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[FREE Resources] Celebrate Space Day with Edmentum

[FREE Resources] Celebrate Space Day with Edmentum

Every year, we celebrate Space Day on the first Friday in May. Take the time to explore the universe with your students to discover the importance of space and space exploration, and to learn how science, math, technology, and engineering help us explore infinity and beyond.

Edmentum has assembled a packet of awesome FREE Space Day resources to share with your Pre-K to 6 grade students. Use this Space Day Classroom Resources pack to start a classroom discussion about our large and mystical universe. Inside you’ll find critical thinking activities to spur classroom discussion, a International Space Station fact sheet, a lesson plan, and a colorful poster!

Ready to launch into Space Day? Here are some out-of-this-world space facts!

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This post was orignially published on April 24, 2018.