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Get to Know Our EdOptions Academy Teachers: Andrew Dill

Get to Know Our EdOptions Academy Teachers: Andrew Dill

Virtual teachers are not robots – I repeat – virtual teachers are not robots. At least this is the case at EdOptions Academy. The teachers are from your state, often from neighboring districts. They are licensed classroom teachers with at least three years of classroom experience, and they receive extensive training in online education and virtual instruction after joining the EdOptions Academy team.

And, rather than telling you all about it, let’s hear directly from one of our teachers, Andrew Dill! Learn more about who Andrew is, what he does daily, and why he thinks teaching is a homerun gig.

Andrew Dill: My name is Andy Dill, and this is my second year as a part-time EdOptions Academy teacher in the subjects of health and physical education. I live near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with my wife, Rebecca, and 10-month-old daughter, Ava. This is my tenth year overall as a teacher and my sixth year as an online teacher. I am certified in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, and Massachusetts.

Every day, I try to do my best for my students. I always try to grade assignments and respond to emails as quickly as possible. I find that students appreciate it when you get back to them quickly. I text all of my students during the first week of the month, email them the second week, make phone calls the third week of the month, and email again in the fourth week. But, if a student needs to call, I do that regardless of what week it is in the month. I always want students to be aware of where they stand and how they can improve or maintain their performance.

My "why" for online education is that one size does not fit all in education. There is a growing population of students who are more successful in online education and I am glad to be at the forefront of that movement. Even though I don't see my students, I enjoy getting to know them via phone and text. Additionally, it feels good when I can complete students with a passing grade. Because I enjoy playing sports, it's like scoring a basket or getting a game-winning hit when I close out students with a passing grade because they are closer to moving on to bigger and better things in their lives.

So, there you have it—EdOptions Academy teachers aren’t really any different from other teachers. Trust me, they’re not robots! They all have a passion for what they do and a love of learning.

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