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Gifts Every Teacher Will Love - 2017 Edition

Gifts Every Teacher Will Love - 2017 Edition

The holiday season is here! And while coffee cups, ornaments, and sweet treats are great go-to gestures for the educators on your list, there are plenty of other options that are a little outside the box—and just might be even more appreciated. Looking for fresh ideas to give to the educators in your life that will brighten the holiday season? Try one of these creative and thoughtful gifts!

Gift cards with meaning

Sometimes gift cards are not only the easiest solution, but can show a lot of thought about the receiver. Ask for help from students to find out something personal about the teacher, and purchase a gift card they’ll really appreciate. Perhaps they prefer a particular coffee shop, are passionate about a certain hobby, or have been saving for a specific purpose, like a vacation. Or, to really get into the giving spirit of the season, the crowdfunding platform DonorsChoose offers gift cards that the recipient can use to donate to the cause of their choice.

Personalized stationery

Teachers write nearly as many notes as their students, usually scrambling for the nearest scrap of paper in the process. They will be grateful every time they forgo that process in favor of their own notepad. There are plenty of custom printers online, starting with small shops on Etsy to the larger providers like Shutterfly. A more renewable idea may be a personalized stamp to make grading or signing easy.

Step in as a partner

Teachers are busy people. They also tend to be creative. Often, they have great ideas that could really improve their class or the school but push them aside because they don’t have the time to organize the project. For example, a science teacher may have always wanted to start a school garden but it seemed like too much work.

That’s where you come in. All it takes is asking the teacher for a pie-in-the-sky idea and their permission to sort it out, from securing supplies to lining up volunteers to help.

Anything from the kids

As nice as parent recognition can be, teachers are there every day because they want to make a difference for the students. Anytime teachers see students acknowledging that hard work is nearly priceless. The best part is that gifts from kid don’t have to be fancy because, well, they’re from kids.

Crafts are golden here. Cover an ordinary object in chalkboard paint and let the kids decorate it. Go to a paint-your-own-pottery shop and have the kids make an ornament. Even a heartfelt letter is better than most store-bought gifts.

Looking for more ideas to find the perfect gift for the educators in your life this holiday season? Check out these 24 Awesomely Thoughtful gifts for Teachers from Buzzfeed!

We at Edmentum also want to say thank you to all of the hard working, dedicated, and passionate educators out there. Make sure that the teachers on your list know about our Holiday Giveaway for a chance to win one of two iPad mini tablets!


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Scott Sterling is a former English teacher who worked in Title I middle and high schools in St. Petersburg, Florida who is now a freelance writer who focuses on education. He is also a stay-at-home dad to his 4-year-old daughter Lily, who will soon be starting her own educational journey.