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Going Mobile – Resources to Get You Moving

Going Mobile – Resources to Get You Moving

We've been talking about mobile learning for quite a while now. But more important, we've also been developing mobile-optimized courses and assessments, while we also re-engineer our existing resources to enable them for mobile access.

While mobile learning is an increasingly important trend and one that will significantly reduce barriers and make learning more accessible and effective, it's not always easy to know where or how to begin. We recently came across a solid collection of resources provided by eSchool News called Keys to Successful Mobile Learning. In particular, their Seven Steps to Success with Mobile Learning offers some general, yet practical, suggestions when considering online learning.

The seven steps – Investigating; Scoping; Planning; Prepping for Implementation; Rolling Out; Learning and Teaching; and Evaluating and Adjusting – provide a thoughtful framework for mobile learning implementation. For example, the second step, Scoping, emphasizes the importance of identifying core stakeholders and ensuring that their needs are thoroughly understood, and that the mobile learning budget considers those needs.

Edmentum is, and will remain, at the forefront of the mobile learning revolution. Stay with us as we explore this exciting new territory together, and continue to make learning more accessible and more effective for every student.

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