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[Resource Round Up] The Ultimate Guide to Successful Virtual Learning Days, School Closures, and Continued Learning in Quarantine

[Resource Round Up] The Ultimate Guide to Successful Virtual Learning Days, School Closures, and Continued Learning in Quarantine

Unexpected school closures or quarantine days can send everyone scrambling without a proper plan in place. Thankfully, widespread implementations of technology in schools have allowed more and more students and educators across the United States to embrace virtual or distance learning to combat missed school days and avoid lost learning time.

Whether you’ve started implementing virtual days to make up class time or you’re just looking for more information to help prepare for the unexpected, we’ve compiled a list of our best resources to help you and your students get the most out of days out of the classroom due to quarantine.

Resources for Admins

Having a virtual learning plan in place means being ready to keep students on pace for success during both long- and short-term school closures. Check out some of our top resources to help you as you plan:

Administrator’s Checklist for Pivoting to Virtual Learning

In this checklist, we provide the top considerations when pivoting from in-person instruction to virtual learning. In addition, we’ve gathered tips and resources for communicating with staff, students, and parents and for building and implementing a virtual learning strategy.

Hybrid and Virtual Learning Success Kit

We collected our best tools and resources to help make sure that you and your students will be successful with your virtual, hybrid, or blended learning program. Explore webinars, curriculum-planning guides, workbooks, video lessons, and more of our best resources for virtual learning success.

[Administrator Tips] 8 Elements of Effective E-Learning Day Plans

We know that school closures due to any circumstances are a real bummer. Also, they can also quickly put students behind. Learn more about what e-learning days are, and pick up some disciplinary rules of thumb to ensure that learning continues even when you can’t physically be in the classroom.

Program-Specific Guides

Edmentum knows that unexpected school closures can cause their fair share of disruption both inside and outside of the classroom and that now, more than ever, preventing lost learning is paramount. If students are asked to stay home after possible exposure to COVID-19 but are feeling well enough to do schoolwork as they quarantine, virtual learning can help fight learning loss by allowing your students to continue their schoolwork at home. Take a look at the guides below to see how you can keep your students on track with your Edmentum programs when virtual learning days are necessary.

Learning in Quarantine: 

Ways to Keep Students Engaged

Just like when you're in the classroom, it's vital that your students feel involved and connected with what you're teaching virtually. Take a look at a few of our resources on driving engagement when students are not attending class in person: 

[Student Tips] 5 Virtual School Productivity Hacks That You Might Not Know

We know that you’ve spent countless hours trying to make sure that you’re up to speed and that students know how to use their online programs, but there are other ways that they can set themselves up for success. Take a look at the tips that we’ve gathered from virtual school student pros.

Free Classroom and Teaching Resources

Find free K–12 worksheet bundles that your students can take home, printable activities, classroom resources, organization and wellness planners, lesson plan bundles, and more.

Webinar: Quick Solves and Technology Tips for Quarantine Success

In this prerecorded webinar, we take a closer look at how Edmentum programs can be employed to serve as your backup learning generator or used when students are unexpectedly sent home. It includes no-frills tips for getting up and running quickly and employing top program features and strategies that meet students’ academic needs in a pinch. 

[Teacher Tips] 3 Ways to Engage Reserved Students in Remote Learning

Virtual classes can make it more difficult to create a platform for a quieter student to contribute. Instead of falling into a trap of calling on a select few who you know will speak up or putting those who are shy at participation on the spot, try some of these tricks to engage some of your more reluctant remote learners.

Looking for more ways to keep your students engaged? Check out our blended learning how-to guide for tips on how you can determine the most appropriate blended learning program for your school or district, build a plan for a successful rollout, and navigate the implementation process.'s picture
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