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A History of Study Island

A History of Study Island

Study Island was founded in 2000 as an online supplemental instruction program and test preparation solution to help learners master the rigorous academic content outlined by state standards. The first Study Island products were focused on making learning fun and engaging for students. Study Island’s unique structure was designed to be easy for educators to implement, and the program’s real-time reporting was developed to inform instruction in the classroom and monitor student progress. 

Study Island in 2000
From the very beginning, our in-house curriculum development team, led by former educators, researchers, and subject matter experts, developed meaningful content built from the ground up to align with each state’s unique standards. Over time, Study Island grew from supporting a single state and set of standards—Ohio—to supporting all fifty states, D.C., and three Canadian providences (Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia), with the same commitment to standards alignment.
We are now leading the way in offering high-quality practice and assessment solutions that present focused instructional support and educator resources, while maintaining our core focus on providing opportunities for students to learn in the style that works best for them. Although grounded in the same mission, it is easy to see that the Study Island of 2015 is not the same Study Island from 2000. 
Study Island Today
In only fifteen short years, Study Island has become the industry leader in delivering built-to-standards content through a robust, engaging platform. We have grown into a technology solution that not only helps students prepare for rigorous end-of-year exams but also drives meaningful formative assessment strategies in the classroom–always laser focused on the unique needs of the educators and students who work every day to move
education forward. 
Study Island Today

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