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[Holiday Giveaway] Enter to Win an iPad mini!

[Holiday Giveaway] Enter to Win an iPad mini!

The 2015 holiday season has arrived, and to celebrate we’re giving away two iPad mini tablets!

The holidays are busy for everyone, and with the added challenge of classrooms full of excited and distracted kids, educators are far from an exception. This time of the year, fall semesters are wrapping up, school schedules become inconsistent, and students are anxiously (and often, loudly) awaiting winter break. On top of family obligations and celebrations, that’s a lot for educators to juggle! 

The best part of the holidays though, is that they are all about taking the time to express gratitude and appreciation. At Edmentum, we understand how hard educators work, and how much time, effort, and dedication they put in to their jobs every day. We are continuously impressed and inspired by that work, and want to be sure to take the time to show it this holiday season!

So, join us in celebrating the holidays! Sign up today for our Holiday Giveaway for your chance to win an iPad mini!

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