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How Are Teachers Relaxing and Enjoying Their Summer?

How Are Teachers Relaxing and Enjoying Their Summer?

The school year and finally calmed down and summer break is here! While some teachers are already hard at work planning for the new year, it’s important to take time and de-stress after a busy year. We asked our community of teachers on Facebook how they’ll be relaxing this summer and here’s what they said:

“Baking is a great way to destress! It’s great therapy and you’re baking stuff your family and others can enjoy, it’s a win/win.” – Rita E. 


“Strategically plan activities that you enjoy and stick to the plan. So often, we sacrifice our plans to do for others, so we have to understand that our needs matter, too! You can’t be the best for others unless you first care for yourself.” – Julie W.

“End of year massage...yearly tradition” – Betsy B.

“My family and I go up to the mountains to enjoy the cooler weather, the wild life and some fishing schedule, no where we have to be, just enjoying every moment.” – Sanchez S.

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“Laying by the pool with a drink in my hand is the best way to de-stress after a long, hectic school year!” – Lori C.


“Restart my crafty hobbies like cross stitch. Just sitting and sewing is so calming and zen.” – Stephanie H.


“Sleeping in late and not having to set the alarm to get up in the morning!!!” – Darlene N.


“I’m gardening, baking and taking naps.” – Tiffany C.

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“Read on my patio. A fun summer pedicure.” – Kris M.

“Just taking some time for me first, then spending time with family and friends. I like to enjoy a good cup of coffee and read a book that’s been collecting dust. Then when I’m refreshed, I’m ready to be good company for others!” – Michelle K.

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“Being able to walk away for a few days to clear your thoughts. Those days should include personal joys. It is important to listen to yourself so you can recover, refresh, and return.” – Diane M.


“Lots of walks and music! I love to draw and doodle so that helps too.” – Candice M.

Victorino Suazo

“Sit in the sun. Literally, just sit.” – Heather L.


We hope you’re enjoying your summer break. Take some time for yourself and relax – you deserve it!