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How Edmentum Programs Can Support Michigan Top 10 in 10 Initiatives

How Edmentum Programs Can Support Michigan Top 10 in 10 Initiatives

Since 2015, Michigan’s Top 10 in 10 Years program has guided efforts in the state toward education reform, access, equality, and achievement. As Michigan educators already know, the program’s ultimate goal is to make the state’s public-school system one of the best in the country by developing a coherent, cohesive, student-centered, and data-driven approach.

To realize this objective, the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has outlined seven goals and accompanying strategies for reshaping the state’s education system. These goals are broad, and they address the education system from a holistic perspective, covering wide-ranging issues, including curriculum design, social and emotional learning, educator professional development, postsecondary partnerships, and early childhood education. Meeting these goals will (rightfully) necessitate a holistic, collaborative effort from all education stakeholders. As part of this work, the right technology tools will certainly play a role. Here, we’re taking a close look at how Edmentum programs can support specific strategies outlined to each of the MDE’s seven Top 10 in 10 goals:

Goal #1: Provide every child access to an aligned, high-quality P-20 system from early childhood to post-secondary attainment – through a multi-stakeholder collaboration with business and industry, labor, and higher education – to maximize lifetime learning and success.

Goal #2: Implement, with strong district and building leadership, high-quality instruction in every classroom through a highly coherent, child-centered instructional model where students meet their self-determined academic and personal goals to their highest potential.

  • Curriculum is built specifically to Michigan Academic Standards
  • Edmentum Exact Path (grades K–8) and Accucess (grades 9–12) offer adaptive diagnostic assessments paired with individualized learning paths to support implementation of transparent personalized learning systems and a high-quality multi-tiered system of support (MTSS)
  • Media-rich online curriculum engages learners of all modalities and supports differentiation to meet needs of special populations students, including those with disabilities, English language learners (ELLs), and gifted students
  • Courses are available across a wide variety of elective subjects, including World Languages, music appreciation, physical sciences, visual art and art appreciation, coding and computer sciences, graphic design, and theater
  • Intuitive reporting and dashboards provide increased visibility and insights for teachers and administrators into student progress and pacing at individual, class, school, and district level

Goal #3: Develop, support, and sustain a high-quality, prepared, and collaborative education workforce.

  • Dedicated Edmentum consultants work alongside school and district teachers and administrators to provide ongoing training on Edmentum products, offer support to ensure effective online program implementations, and develop educators as technology experts
  • Virtual courses to meet specific student needs and solve for staffing issues are available through our fully accredited EdOptions Academy that pairs trusted Edmentum curriculum with Michigan-certified online teachers committed to working collaboratively with school and district educators

Goal #4: Reduce the impact of high-risk factors, including poverty, and provide equitable resources to meet the needs of all students to ensure that they have access to quality educational opportunities.

  • Flexible online programs allow students to engage in learning outside of the traditional classroom and school day
  • Personalized assessments and learning paths provide cost-effective supports that include the differentiated instruction students require and place focus on student growth over time

Goal #5: Ensure that parents/guardians are engaged and supported partners in their child’s education.

  • Parent portals and dashboards offer families and caregivers insights into students’ progress and engagement in Edmentum programs with data that can provide helpful starting points for meaningful conversations with their child’s educators
  • In-program tools help streamline regular communication between families and educators
  • Edmentum’s Adult and Higher Education programs can help local education agencies to recognize parents and caregivers as lifelong learners and provide flexible, cost-effective online options to continue their own education journeys

Goal #6: Create a strong alignment and partnership with job providers, community colleges, and higher education to assure a prepared and quality future workforce, and informed and responsible citizens.

  • Edmentum’s extensive library of CTE courses covers careers across all 16 Career Clusters®
  • CTE courses have been developed in conjunction with business and industry partners to ensure that students are exposed to the most necessary, in-demand concepts and skills
  • Edmentum maintains a commitment to continue to develop partnerships with recognized career certification bodies, including the NNAAP® exam for certified nursing assistants, and the CompTIA A+ program for IT certification

Goal #7: Further develop an innovative and cohesive state education agency that supports an aligned, coherent education system at all levels (state, ISD, district, and school).

  • Edmentum has an ongoing commitment to research and validation of our online programs and share best practices with our educator partners
  • Edmentum has an ongoing commitment to stay up to date with the latest MDE developments and maintain alignment to Michigan standards

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