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How Educators are Supporting the Whole Learner This School Year

How Educators are Supporting the Whole Learner This School Year

Learning goes so far beyond what can be taught from a textbook or lecture, and supporting students as they develop social and emotional learning skills is critical to their whole wellbeing and success.

We asked our amazing community of educators on Facebook and Twitter how they incorporate social-emotional learning in the classroom to support the whole learner and what works best for them and their students. Here are a few of our favorite answers:

Ask students how they are doing

Take a stretch break

Ask about the weekends

Circle time

Start the day with affirmations

Know the signs of an amygdala hijack

Use books to relate back to real life

Share a rose and thorn

Create a physical space in the classroom

Design emojis

Celebrate together

Helping students feel safe and seen in the classroom is just one of many ways educators can help nurture the whole learner, and in doing so, help drive student success.  

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