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[How-To Guide] Planning for a Virtual Graduation

[How-To Guide] Planning for a Virtual Graduation

Is your school or district considering putting on a virtual graduation, or offering a virtual graduation option for students and thier families? Use our helpful guide to get a jump start on your planning!

We know that graduation ceremonies are critically important to the student experience, but when a virtual format is called for, they can be difficult to achieve. Whether it’s for a kindergarten graduation, a high school diploma, or any other major milestone in between, this guide includes tips and best practices for holding commencement ceremonies in a virtual learning world.

What does our guide cover?

The Basics: Virtual Graduation Format

The format of your event can take a lot of different shapes including live virtual webinar, prerecorded video, or livestreamed on-site ceremony. Understand more about each option to help select the proper format for your event early on, so you can begin procuring the necessary virtual tech solution to make it a reality.

Taking It to the Next Level: Audience Engagement

Building engagement with your audience in a virtual setting adds a new layer of complexity to typical logistical planning. Use this guide to help you think through how to incorporate social media, a commencement page, and even choosing the right musical selections to build your graduation playlist.

Details: Little Things That Go a Long Way

Whether it’s receiving a cap and gown or holding on to that ceremony program for years to come, there are a little of little details and keepsakes that make graduation ceremonies so memorable. Those don’t all have to be forgotten just because you switched your graduation ceremony to a virtual event. Consider six different details that can make a big impact.

Planning Checklist: Prepare for the Big Day

Finally, this planning checklist ties all the pieces together with a quick list of items to consider and questions that any planning committee member should ask themselves during the process. This “big switch to virtual” may not be easy, but it can be done with maximum impact.

Start digging in to our Guide for Planning a Virtual Graduation Ceremony today!

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