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How To Take Your Courseware Digital Curriculum to the Next Level

How To Take Your Courseware Digital Curriculum to the Next Level

Bringing on a new digital curriculum platform is exciting. The possibilities to individualize instruction can feel limitless, and there are boundless opportunities to give teachers tools and resources to meet students where they are and save valuable teaching time. We also know that implementing a new digital curriculum at the beginning of a very busy school year can have its ups and downs.

Courseware, Edmentum’s standards-based digital curriculum for grades 6–12, is designed to enhance the work of teachers in providing high-quality instruction to meet individual student needs. Whether the goal is for students to receive original credit, recover credits, or prepare for their future careers, Courseware’s curriculum is fully customizable and adaptable to the needs and pacing of learners. Courseware also offers a variety of educator-first tools, reports, and resources that support flexible implementations and engaging instruction in virtual or blended learning classrooms.

Getting digital curriculum up and running for the new school year takes time and effort, in planning, implementing, organizing, and finally, teaching. With Edmentum, school administrators and teachers can increase student outcomes and the effectiveness of educators by tapping into resources for self-implementation, providing students with extra help outside of the classroom, and saving precious time on grading.

Implementation Coaching Builds Educator Capacity

Having the right tools is one thing. Knowing how to use them like an expert can make a world of difference. Building a high-performing team is an ongoing—and deeply rewarding—process. Edmentum’s self-service implementation coaching resources will help you develop and transfer knowledge to practice so that you can continue to increase student achievement and drive growth in your educator’s classroom skills.

Implementation coaching provides educators with a customized, flexible, and comprehensive set of tools to ensure that you get the most out of your program. Educators utilizing implementation coaching have access to an orientation, a coaching guide, videos, webinars, one-to-one implementation coaching sessions, and live office hours. View this brochure on implementation coaching detailing the tools and opportunities for educators to build their virtual instruction capacity.

One-to-One Tutoring Accelerates Student Learning

Sometimes, students need extra help and support outside of the classroom. Tutoring is proven to be one of the most transformative and impactful educational interventions for K–12 students. Through Edmentum’s partnership with FEV Tutor, we are able to provide students with customized, one-on-one, individualized tutoring that is integrated into our programs like Courseware. Edmentum’s partnership with FEV Tutor enables districts to promote equity so that ALL students can experience success through just-in-time targeted support.

FEV Tutor enhances the virtual course experience and expands options for students to receive tailored instruction and real connection, all facilitated by dedicated, highly qualified tutors. Tutors have access to Edmentum content, including courses and assignments, to seamlessly extend the learning experience and augment the role of the core classroom or virtual teacher. Tutors are available on-demand 24/7 or can be prescheduled for students where and when they need it with real-time assistance. Students can also work with tutors on language support for coursework, targeted skill building, and preparation for tests. Read these 14 frequently asked questions about online tutoring with FEV Tutor.

Grading Service Saves Educators Time

Time is a precious resource for busy educators. Between planning lessons, handling administrative tasks, and engaging with students and their families—there’s so much to do and such little time.

With Edmentum’s grading service available through our Instructional Services team, teachers don’t have to set aside hours every week just for grading, and they can access the support of qualified grading assistants who have K–12 classroom experience and content expertise. Grading assistants help grade and provide detailed, encouraging written feedback on student-submitted activities and assessments. This personalized, timely, relevant, and positive feedback allows teachers to deep dive into the skills and opportunities that students may be struggling with or challenged with the most.

Using this grading service gives teachers more time to focus on what they do best, teach! Check out this video to see what teachers are saying about Edmentum’s grading service.

As the new school year kicks off, educators are also busy preparing to welcome, support, teach, and nurture each student and class. Remember that educators don’t have to do it all by themselves. At Edmentum, we’re here as your partners in learning solutions, and we’ll work closely with you to implement customized, flexible digital curriculum; leverage add-on services; and equip you with helpful resources that support you in elevating student learning for a successful school year! Browse and bookmark this Getting Started page as you launch Courseware digital curriculum in your classroom.'s picture
Samreen Saadi

Samreen Saadi joined Edmentum in July 2022 and serves as an Associate Marketing Manager. She holds a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Media Studies from Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. As a first-generation South Asian immigrant who grew up in the U.S., Samreen is passionate about ensuring inclusion, access, and equity in education for students and teachers to thrive in today’s learning environments.