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Implementing Technology in an Early Childhood Classroom

Implementing Technology in an Early Childhood Classroom

Implementing Technology in an Early Childhood Classroom

Technology is an integral piece of education today. Many classrooms have interactive whiteboards, computers, and mobile devices. As a former early childhood teacher, I know how difficult it can be at times to integrate all of that wonderful technology into a daily routine. This blog will discuss the different ways technology can be integrated into an early childhood classroom as well as resources that can assist with meeting those goals.

Classroom Setup

In early childhood classrooms it is common to see collaborative learning environments, such as small group tables and learning centers. This setup provides an ideal environment for integrating technology. 

If your classroom has an interactive whiteboard, set up group tables in a way that the students can see it. Also, provide a gathering space on the floor near the interactive whiteboard for whole-group lessons.  

The next area to consider integrating technology is within learning centers. Many early childhood classrooms have a sensory center, reading center, writing center, word work center, dramatic play center, art center, math center, and puzzle center. If you have desktop or laptop computers, consider setting up a computer center, allowing students to rotate through during free play or during literacy and math time.  

Mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are ideal resources because they are portable and many students are familiar with how to utilize them. During free play, consider checking out mobile devices to be used in the reading center, word work center, and math center. Mobile devices can be utilized during regular instruction as well, which I will discuss later.

Classroom setup and management are key components to implementing technology successfully in an early childhood classroom. 

Resources for Integrating Technology

Utilizing different resources during literacy, science, and math that are web-based, such as Edmentum's Reading Eggs and EducationCity, can increase the amount of technology being used in the classroom. These resources will also keep your students engaged and motivated through animated whole-group, small-group and independent lessons.

Both of these programs are designed for early childhood students. Reading Eggs offers foundational literacy support, and EducationCity offers instructional resources. The programs can be utilized in a whole-group setting to introduce, review, or reinforce concepts. Both programs provide activities that are compatible with interactive whiteboards. Therefore, using these programs in a whole-group setting with the interactive whiteboard is one way to integrate technology daily.

Using mobile devices, as well as desktop computers, during instruction time can also be a great fit with these programs. Students can read books, listen to word sounds and work on literacy skills while utilizing Reading Eggs with a tablet or other mobile device. Students can build ELA, math, and science skills in EducationCity while working on activities independently utilizing mobile devices through the Puffin Academy app.

Edmentum can be an invaluable resource when it comes to integrating technology into the daily lives of students and teachers. For further information, please feel free to reach out to one our Solution Specialists. Click here to speak to an Edmentum Solution Specialist.

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