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Marzano Study: 13 best practices for effective online teaching

Marzano Study: 13 best practices for effective online teaching

There is a vast amount of research available on best practices for classroom teaching in a traditional learning environment. However - despite the explosive growth of online learning, there is a shortage of research that examines the  effect of instructional strategies on student academic outcomes in an online learning environment.

To address this research void, the Marzano Research Laboratory (MRL) undertook a study to determine best practices in online teaching and to evaluate the relationship between student achievement and effective teacher pedagogical practices with respect to online instruction.

The study analyzed instructional practices and achievement data across 23 sites in 12 states. As a result, it identified 13 specific best practices and instructional strategies to support those practices. To learn more about the study, we created an infographic that shows you the highlights in an easy to read visual format. If you use online courses, or are considering an online program, this is a simple and practical tool for you and your teachers.

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Andrea Gronberg

Andrea Gronberg directs Edmentum's marketing team.  In her role, she combines her creativity, strong communication skills and passion to making a difference in lives of young people.  Andrea graduated with a B.A. in Strategic Communication from the University of Minnesota's School of Journalism.