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Introducing Fast Phonics, a New Reading Eggs Learning Area!

Introducing Fast Phonics, a New Reading Eggs Learning Area!

On July 1st, the Reading Eggs program added Fast Phonics, a new learning area focused entirely on synthetic phonics instruction. Fast Phonics teaches, reinforces, and assesses core phonics skills, including letter-sound correspondence, blending, segmenting, and syllable manipulation closely aligned to the letters and sounds sequence. The new learning area is designed for emergent and early pre-K–2 readers and older elementary students with gaps in their core reading knowledge. Let’s explore what Fast Phonics is all about and how classroom teachers might use it to drive instruction.

What is Fast Phonics?

Fast Phonics feels like fast fun in Yeti World! Students can explore different mountain peaks, earn yeti coins and gems, and even upgrade their own Yeti avatar, all while developing foundational phonics skills needed to become successful readers.

Fast Phonics is structured similarly to Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, allowing students to venture through a sequenced path of explicit instruction and exciting learning games, read decodable books, and earn highly motivating rewards in a game-like world. All current Reading Eggs subscriptions automatically receive access at no additional charge, and students will be able to jump in right away using their current Reading Eggs login credentials.

How does Fast Phonics compare to Reading Eggs?

Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress are still essential program areas, perfect for all students to learn to read and read to learn. If you’re already familiar with these two existing program areas, then you know that, together, they cover all five pillars of reading and support pre-K through 6th grade readers. Not only do these program areas include sequenced reading and comprehension lessons at their core, but they also offer a variety of other learning options for spelling, grammar, sight words, writing, and more.

Fast Phonics gives educators another instructional option and provides emergent learners more literacy support. The new learning area takes the phonemic awareness and phonics components found in Reading Eggs and goes even deeper—offering approximately 400 fast-paced, sequenced lessons focused specifically on phonics, taught using a systematic, synthetic phonics learning approach.

How can Fast Phonics be used in the classroom?

Do your emergent readers need highly scaffolded phonics instruction beyond what Reading Eggs can offer? Do your struggling readers need remediation and reinforcement specifically focused on phonics? Fast Phonics is yet another terrific learning option for early readers to explore on their path toward becoming proficient, lifelong readers.

Consider these implementation scenarios:

  1. Begin with Phonics: When your pre-K through 2nd grade students first log in, instruct them to begin in Fast Phonics for baseline phonics instruction and support. Those showing tremendous progress can jump to Reading Eggs for appropriate placement and then continue their learning journey across all five reading pillars.
  2. Begin with Reading Eggs: All your pre-K through 2nd grade students can begin in Reading Eggs and find success, even as emergent readers. Those students who place quite low on their initial reading placement test may opt to work in Fast Phonics to shore up phonemic awareness and phonics skills, and then transition back into Reading Eggs when ready.
  3. Fill in Phonics Gaps: In this scenario, all pre-K through 2nd grade students can work in Reading Eggs, building early reading skills. When providing intervention for your students, you might opt to offer tier 2 and tier 3 students additional remediation by way of Fast Phonics.
  4. Bring It Back to the Basics: Support all of your 3rd through 5th grade students as they hone their comprehension skills in Reading Eggspress. Identify any learners still struggling with basic phonics, and provide additional remediation by way of Fast Phonics.

We’re so excited for you and your students to explore this new learning area for yourselves. The July 1st release is just the beginning! Throughout this back-to-school season more Fast Phonics features will be revealed!

As an educator, you will now see Fast Phonics show up on your teacher dashboard accompanied by a set of resources to help learn your way around the new area. Similarly, students will be introduced to the new learning area when they log in and be met with a friendly video to show them around before they begin. Learning to read just got much more fun with Fast Phonics!