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[ISTE 2015] Three Days of Moving Education Forward

[ISTE 2015] Three Days of Moving Education Forward

One idea that we have been talking about at Edmentum recently is the impact of teachable moments—those exciting moments when something, be it an activity, a video, an article, or just a comment made in passing, makes a concept click. These moments are organic and spontaneous, and they’re one of the most fulfilling aspects of education for both students and instructors. We believe that the best way to move education forward is to support these moments, and enable more opportunities for them to take place. But how can we do that? How can we help to facilitate more teachable moments for all students?

This brings us to the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Conference & Expo 2015 and our excitement for the event. At Edmentum, we believe in the inspired work of educators and students in the classroom, and we believe in the power of technology to support that work. We are in constant awe of the innovative ideas that they dream up and the success they achieve. ISTE is the premier event dedicated to education and technology—it will be three days of sharing and networking with people who are passionate about the same beliefs that we are!

With so many like-minded individuals in the same place, it’s impossible not to learn. The conference is an ongoing series of teachable moments for everyone in attendance, and that is at the core of why we are so excited. This year’s program will feature keynotes from visionary leaders who are passionate about evolving education, forums for leaders and newcomers in the industry, and numerous opportunities for educators to get their hands on the latest edtech tools and experience them firsthand. Some of the most important challenges facing our society today are related to the changing face of education. ISTE is three days of new ideas, new technology, and new solutions to tackle those challenges and find ways to effectively move education forward.

Want to learn more about ISTE 2015? Check out the website, and see for yourself why we’re so excited!

Already planning on heading to ISTE yourself? Come visit Edmentum at Booth #2406! We’ve got plenty of cool innovations and activities to share. If you can’t make the conference, be sure to keep an eye on ISTE’s EdTekHub, which will be sharing all of the conference highlights!

And finally, join the conversation! Use the hashtag #MovingEducationForward to share with us how you are finding inspired ways to evolve the processes of teaching and learning!