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Keeping a Pulse on Student Data with Sensei for Study Island

Keeping a Pulse on Student Data with Sensei for Study Island

Now that you’re deep into your instructional plans, how can you keep a regular pulse on which students are mastering their essential standards and which ones need early intervention so that there’s no surprises when spring testing rolls around? With Sensei for Study Island, developing action plans to propel achievement is made possible.

Sensei: Real Time Progress Monitoring

Sensei for Study Island is your personal interactive data dashboard to seamlessly review practice assignment data and progress and take action on next steps. Sensei offers a real-time look at what students are doing and how they’re performing to easily allow you to identify patterns, measure progress, and create meaningful assignments based on your students’ needs.

Student Data Brought to Life

With Sensei, your student data will take center stage. Imagine seamlessly interacting with data, as this dashboard includes intuitive and colorful charts, color-coded graphics, and visual cues that all give time back to educators monitoring student progress. Sensei’s features also allow educators to make a real-time connection with student data, offering information like time-on-task, subject mastery, recent activity, grades, and data usage, and it even shows how many Blue Ribbons students have earned.

Class Data

Within Sensei, you can kick the old black-and-white gradebook to the curb. Sensei’s robust dashboard allows educators to view their class data in three different ways: by topic, by standard, or by trends in a graph. If you’re viewing data by topic or standard, Sensei utilizes different colored tiles signaling how your class is performing on that topic or standard, making things not only intuitive but also aesthetically pleasing. Seeing a green tile means that most students have all completed the session and achieved the passing percentage. Score!

Sensei also has a star symbol visual cue for green tiles to show when your entire class has completed the topic or standard with a passing grade. In contrast, seeing the pink-colored tile means your class needs some additional support with this topic. Sensei makes it easy for educators to act on this type of data with the ability to assign practice on the topic or standard, right from the dashboard itself. You can even choose to assign the practice to only the students in need of additional support or to your entire class, making it easy to plan your instruction for the day. There are also colors for topics that students are still working on or haven’t started yet. Managing your class data has never been easier.

Keeping a Pulse on Student Data with Sensei for Study Island

Keeping a Pulse on Student Data with Sensei for Study Island

Individual Student Cards

In addition to the tiles that represent class-wide data, there are student cards that break down each individual student’s progress with easy-to-interpret charts and visuals. The student cards allow you to track your students’ time spent practicing in the program, as well as how many Blue Ribbons they’ve earned. You’ll even see the same color-coding pattern within each student’s report to break down the data even more by clicking on a specific subject within the card.

In these drilled-down reports, you’ll also have the option to create a supplemental assignment for students if their colored tile signifies that they may be struggling with a specific topic or standard. Each assignment can be selected straight away from the student’s card, making data-driven instruction seamless. There’s even an option to launch an Individual Summary Report for students, giving you an even closer look at how each learner is performing.

Keeping a Pulse on Student Data with Sensei for Study Island

Your Partner in Crime for Formative Assessment

Make Sensei a regular stop on your journey toward ongoing formative assessment to guide your instructional strategy. Using Sensei for Study Island is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Select a Study Island topic or standard to deploy a Study Island practice assignment for, whether as formative assessment or extra reinforcement.
  2. Analyze the mastery data that is automatically populated and color-coded in your Sensei account for each practice assignment.
  3. Reteach and reassess based on how your students performed on the specific topic or standard you chose.

Keeping a Pulse on Student Data with Sensei for Study Island

With Sensei, teachers can monitor and manage student progress and make faster, more informed decisions. Using the robust data populated in the program saves time and energy—something every teacher can appreciate.

While Sensei is a tool educators can utilize year-round, its ability to pinpoint specific standards gaps is especially useful in the spring, when many schools are preparing for high-stakes exams. Instead of flipping your whole routine upside down during this time, Sensei makes it easy to make this time of the year count. Check out this webinar where we break down a simple, repeatable five-day plan that includes Sensei’s instructional-planning support!

Getting Started Is Easy

It’s often said that getting started is the hardest part. If you’re a Study Island user, Sensei is included in your program, and it has already started to track any student practice topics you’ve assigned this year. All you must do is head over to the Sensei icon on your homepage to begin taking full advantage of the data dashboard. If you’re looking for some additional guidance, you can also take a look at our Sensei Quick Guide within the Study Island interface, loaded with step-by-step instructions to ensure that you’re on the right track to informed instruction.  

Not yet a Study Island customer? Learn how you can boost standards mastery and proficiency and get all-inclusive access to Sensei for Study Island!

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