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Learning in Quarantine: 4 Ways to Use Exact Path to Keep Instruction On Track

Learning in Quarantine: 4 Ways to Use Exact Path to Keep Instruction On Track

This school year is already proving that it will be one accompanied by a revolving door of students moving in and out of quarantine as exposures and positive COVID-19 cases run rampant. In the face of these challenges, educators across the country are asking themselves, “How do we keep students learning and minimize the risks of students falling behind?” This is where educational technology becomes paramount as your backup learning generator when class is no longer in session in person. Specifically, let’s take a closer look at how Edmentum Exact Path, Tech & Learning’s 2021 Best Remote & Blended Learning Tool award winner, can be used during these unexpected instructional interruptions.

Sandy Mountain, principal at Random Lake Elementary School in Random Lake, Wisconsin, said it best:

This isn’t just, “There’s a folder with some worksheets in it in case we don’t come to school one day. Just sit there and do those worksheets.” That’s not the goal. [Instead, it’s,] “How do you make that learning continuous? Here’s where we left off in the class on Tuesday, now Wednesday you’re at home. Here we go.” You really have to examine your tools, and they have to be tools that the kids are familiar with.

If your school or district is using Exact Path to power personalized learning, like Principal Mountain’s does, then you know that you already have access to an online program that can be used around the clock from any Internet-enabled device of your students’ choosing.

To ensure that your students’ days in quarantine are as thoughtfully organized and successful as possible, we’ve assembled four ways that you can use Exact Path to make the most of virtual learning days.

1. Get Students Individualized Learning Paths ASAP

When setting up an Exact Path account, educators have the option to check one simple box that will auto-generate on-grade-level learning paths for any student who doesn’t have a learning path at the beginning of the academic year. It’s a great option for offering instruction before an assessment is administered, and it’s an essential failsafe measure for students in quarantine.

Additionally, keep in mind that as long as students have completed a diagnostic assessment (or you’ve uploaded scores from one of our assessment partners, like NWEA), then all of your learners have access to an individualized learning path of “just-right” curriculum that they can continue working on, wherever they are. You can also rest assured that each lesson is designed to include direct instruction, practice, and a mastery quiz so that students can be successful independently. And, when they show signs of struggle, know that automated Building Block topics immediately trigger remediation to get them back on track.

2. Deploy Assignments to Keep to Your Scope and Sequence

In addition to allowing students to work wherever they are in their learning journey, it’s just as important that they’re gaining on-grade-level knowledge and skills. To do this, you can easily search for content by standard or skill and create a small-group or individual assignment in just a few clicks. If you know that students will be out for 10 instructional days, set up a series of assignments due at the end of each day or week to help learners keep pace.

3. Turn At-Home Learning into a Motivational Challenge

Let’s be honest—you know that your students would rather be indulging in their favorite TV show than doing schoolwork, so you might need to build in some extra incentives to get them working while at home. Enter Exact Path Challenges! If you haven’t used this feature already, here’s a recap: set a goal around time spent learning or skills mastered and assign a prize of your choosing.

Want some guidance on what’s appropriate? Research confirms that students who complete at least eight skills show significant learning gains, and with an investment of at least 20 minutes per session and 40–60 minutes per week, per subject, students will be on their way to improving academic achievement!

4. Offer Just-in-Time Remediation from Afar

As an Exact Path educator, you have real-time insight into how students are performing in their learning paths. Did students fail a Mastery Quiz? Fall behind on a Progress Check? Just get a Building Block assigned? You’ll know it! Real-time notifications, coupled with our friendly Knowledge Map, make it easy to see when learning gets off track. And, even when students are not in the classroom, you can still glean meaningful information and make a plan to right the ship directly from Exact Path. Begin by reviewing student answers on the recent learning module where they were unsuccessful. Your teacher’s Spidey-sense can easily identify where misconceptions lie. Consider setting up a virtual one-on-one session with your student to discuss where improvements can be made and celebrate where success has been made. Then, turn to the aligned teacher resources to assign an instructional video or an individual assignment to remediate or enrich learning as needed.

Want to learn more about how to use Exact Path successfully in quarantine? Check out our Exact Path Getting Started Resources page for helpful resources and video tutorials. And don't forget to register for our upcoming webinar, Quick Solves and Technology Tips for Quarantine Success.

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