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Make the Most of Your Next E-Learning Day with These Resources

Make the Most of Your Next E-Learning Day with These Resources

Whether you reside in the cold and snowy North, the rain-prone South, or anywhere in between, from time to time, Mother Nature has its own ideas about educators and students getting to school. School closures due to bad weather can’t be helped, but they can quickly put students behind. With implementation of technology in classrooms, more and more schools across the United States are embracing e-learning to combat missed school days.

Whether you’ve started implementing e-learning days to make up class time or you’re just looking for more information, we’ve compiled a list of our best resources all about e-learning and bad weather days to help you and your students get the most out of spontaneous days off.

What Are E-Learning Days?

Making the Most of Bad Weather Days for Elementary Students

Making the Most of Bad Weather Days for Secondary Students

School closures due to bad weather can’t be helped, but they can quickly put students behind. Learn more about what e-learning days are, and pick up some disciplinary rules of thumb to ensure that learning continues even when you can’t physically be in the classroom.

 [Administrator Tips] 6 Elements of Effective E-Learning Day Plans

Whether it’s due to extreme weather or other things out of our control, like unexpected building or transportation issues, occasional canceled school days are inevitable. Administrators know that missed days can be detrimental to student learning and state requirements. To combat this, many states are moving to e-learning days. If you’re curious about this new education trend, take a look at some of the tips we’ve compiled and important elements we think you should consider.

Program-Specific Guides

Taking advantage of bad weather days outside of the classroom is easy when you have Edmentum products. Take a look at the guides below to see how you can keep your students on track even when unexpected closures happen.

Managing Bad Weather Days: 5 Ways Educators Can Use Edmentum Courseware to Keep Students from Falling Behind

Managing Bad Weather Days: 4 Ways Educators Can Use Study Island to Keep Students from Falling Behind

Managing Bad Weather Days: 4 Ways to Use Exact Path to Keep Learning On Track

Keeping Students Engaged

10 Tips to Keeping Students Engaged During Bad Weather Days

In this quick, 10-minute webinar, we lay out tips and tricks that will keep students engaged and help you make the most out of inclement weather days.

[Free Printable] Make Learning Fun with the Edmentum Brain Game!

Implementing e-learning days doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun with your unexpected days out of the classroom! When students are out of the classroom, send them to the Edmentum Brain Game page for extra learning! The Edmentum Brain Game is a fun, descriptive game that puts an interactive twist on flashcard review by challenging players to describe terms with a partner or group. There are multiple ways to play the game, and as a bonus, it can easily be used as a quick activity for the unexpected bad weather day.

Learn from the Best

Meeting Minnesota Department of Education Requirements for High Quality E-Learning Days

Nobody knows a bad weather day quite like Minnesota. To combat the frequent snowstorms making it hard to get students to classrooms, the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) approved amendments to allow for up to five e-learning days a year. To those looking for inspiration, we’ve broken down the four e-learning day requirements that MDE has outlined, and provided tips on how Edmentum’s online program can support your e-learning days.

Success with eLearning Days in Indiana

In 2013, Northwestern Consolidated School District (NWCSD) in Central Indiana embarked on a bold mission to leverage technology in an effort to help every school in the district achieve an A rating from the state. Check out this blog post featuring a conversation with NWSCD Superintendent Dr. Shane Robbins and Triton Central Alternative School Teacher Bryan Graham where they share some of their insights of the district’s inspiring transformation, in part through utilizing the Indiana Department of Education’ eLearning Day Program.

[Educator Interview] Virtual Learning Day Success in Random Lake, Wisconsin

Random Lake School District in Random Lake, Wisconsin, is one of the many schools commonly affected by bad weather days that is putting the concept of virtual learning days to the test. Learn from Random Lake Elementary School Principal Sandy Mountain to find out how the school prepared and executed two such days this past January and what it learned from its experience to date.

How Four Schools Are Using Virtual Learning to Solve Unique Challenges

Schools across the country are creating and building upon creative, innovative, and effective programs every year that are helping more students achieve success outside of the classroom. Looking for inspiration to launch a virtual program in your organization? Here are four schools with unique virtual programs that are making a real impact on student outcomes.

Looking for more ways to keep your students engaged? Check out our website for more e-learning day resources!'s picture

Brita started with Edmentum in March 2018 and currently serves as a Marketing Associate. She is passionate about providing teachers resources to help their students achieve in and out of the classroom. Brita earned a B.S. in Marketing from North Dakota State University. 

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