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Making Sense of Student Data with Sensei for Study Island

Making Sense of Student Data with Sensei for Study Island

It’s that time of year again! Students have returned to the classroom, and the learning and exploration activities sure to stretch their minds are well underway. To ensure that students are prepared to take on the challenges that lie ahead—such as assessments, future grade transitions, and higher education—teachers plan, plan, and plan some more. Countless hours, energy, and resources are spent selecting supplies, carefully crafting lesson plans, and differentiating instruction to engage and challenge each individual learner. However, it’s after lessons have been perfectly planned and administered that the most challenging question must be asked: “How can we be sure that all the hard work is actually paying off?”  

Cue formative assessments, which are an essential tool in the teacher’s repertoire thanks to their ability to guide and inform instruction. While formative assessments are extremely valuable for effective instruction, teachers spend year after year struggling to find the time and identify the best practices necessary to make sense of the data they provide. Lesson planning and grading, not to mention actual class time, already dominate teachers’ days, and the time needed to sort student data, analyze significant trends, and shape instruction accordingly can be even greater. Instead of adding another thing to teachers’ already full plates, they can try an online data analysis tool, like Edmentum’s Sensei for Study Island!

Sensei for Study Island

Sensei for Study Island works as a personal data dashboard. The program syncs to all activities that your students complete in Study Island, monitoring day-to-day formative activities, in order to generate useful data and provide real-time analytics right at the fingertips. Sensei for Study Island makes managing and analyzing student data easier than ever with intuitive charts, color-coded graphics, and visual cues that work to save time and frustration when monitoring classroom progress.

Sensei Dashboard

Tool for Formative Instruction

Study Island and Sensei work simultaneously to formatively assess learners and track their progress toward standards mastery in unprecedented ways. Teachers are afforded the means to seamlessly access student data, monitor learner outcomes, and provide students with the individualized support they need, without spending hours laboring over student reporting.

The Sensei for Study Island interface intuitively allows instructors to:

  • Select Study Island topics and/or standards to explore onscreen
  • Expand and toggle data views in order to view actionable data for whole classes as well as individual students in real time
  • Monitor and manage students’ academic progress and achievement anywhere, anytime from laptops and mobile devices.
  • Make faster, more informed decisions using the robust analytics and trends tab
  • Visualize and track student progress toward standards mastery
  • Individualize instruction and assign practice activities in Study Island directly from the Sensei dashboard

Sensei Screenshot

Getting Started with Sensei for Study Island

Getting started with Sensei for Study Island couldn’t be easier. If you are a Study Island user, Sensei is included with your Study Island account and has already begun tracking student work this school year. To get started, simply click the Sensei icon on your home page, select your state program and classroom, and begin taking advantage of Sensei to optimize instruction, coach students, and select student development initiatives. For additional guidance in getting started with Sensei for Study Island, sign up for our free virtual workshop

Take full advantage of your Study Island subscription this school year, and start making the most of your data to improve student outcomes with Sensei! Want to learn more? Check out this brochure on how to Track Standards Mastery with Edmentum Sensei for Study Island, or take a virtual tour to see Sensei for yourself!