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Meaningful Data in Indiana: Lexile and Quantile Measures

Meaningful Data in Indiana: Lexile and Quantile Measures

Every time you give students an assessment, you expect to see a series of output measures that will help inform critical academic decisions. Maybe you’re focused on growth. Maybe you’re focused on skill or standards mastery. Maybe a comparative measure against a nationally normed sample is important to you. But, in the middle of sorting through all of this important data, you might recognize something familiar—a measure you’ve seen before that goes beyond a single assessment. The Lexile® and Quantile® Frameworks, developed by MetaMetrics, are just that.

These universal, objective metrics are increasingly used by schools, districts, and even state education agencies to measure growth. According to the MetaMetrics website, 15 state departments have linked their state assessments to the Lexile Framework for Reading and the Quantile Framework for Mathematics, including Indiana.

Indiana DOE Published Resources for Lexile and Quantile Measures

  • Lexile and Quantile Measures in Indiana
    Consider this the hub for all Indiana-specific information on how Lexile and Quantile measures can be used to provide valuable information about student abilities and support growth between assessments.
  • Understanding Lexile and Quantile Measures on ILEARN Reports
    When evaluating ILEARN scores, consider the information on this page on how Lexile and Quantile measures are reported from the test itself. Access tables that compare proficiency levels with reported Lexile and Quantile measures.

MetaMetrics Measures in Edmentum Exact Path

Edmentum Exact Path, our K–12 assessment-driven individualized learning program, includes important data on performance, growth, and skill mastery, but we don’t stop there. As a result of linking studies conducted in partnership with MetaMetrics, we are able to deliver Lexile and Quantile measures following administration of each reading and math assessment accordingly.

When educators in Exact Path go to review their assessment data, simple tables and color-coded graphs are there to help. And, side by side with those aggregated and class results, each student’s Lexile and Quantile measures and estimated ranges are included. An example from our Lexile measures table is found below. Similar data is available for Quantile measures.

Still want more? Here are a few of our favorite resources, including guidance, best practices, and FAQs:

If you know that Lexile measures are important but feel your knowledge on this metric kind of stops there, this is a good read for you. Here we talk definition, interpretation, and application.

  • 4 Ways to Put Lexile Measures into Practice Today
    This post includes four immediate actions you can take using Lexile measures, including finding appropriately leveled books and partnering with parents to continue targeted reading outside of the classroom.
  • MetaMetrics Quantile Measures Now Available in Edmentum Exact Path
    In addition to taking a closer look at how Quantile measures are incorporated in Exact Path, this post also describes what this measure is and what value it brings. There are even details about additional tools from MetaMetrics to help you use Quantile measures for academic planning.

Interested in learning more about Edmentum Exact Path and the powerful data this program yields? Check out our recent webinar on Your Exact Path Data: What It Means and How to Use It.

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