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Meeting the Challenge of Intervention: How Edmentum’s Online Programs Support Student Success

Meeting the Challenge of Intervention: How Edmentum’s Online Programs Support Student Success

Intervention programs in general and response to intervention specifically have received a lot of attention in American education recently. Advances in instructional technology are giving educators stronger and more reliable tools to meet the growing challenge of providing effective interventions for diverse student populations. It is imperative, however, that we not simply run to the newest shiny gizmos as they emerge in the marketplace. Just as it is crucial to design a solid, research-based approach to implementing instructional strategies across all classrooms, so too is it essential that instructional technology tools are selected and implemented with the same scrutiny. 

Over the last several weeks, we have explored many facets of building and implementing a highly successful intervention program. We have explored the human element and the need for passionate, focused teachers. We tackled specific challenges at the elementary and secondary levels, respectively. We also turned our attention to three key building blocks of solid instructional technology tools for intervention: high-quality, standards-aligned content; psychometrically sound assessments; and clean, actionable data.

Now, I want to take time to explore how Edmentum’s online programs incorporate all three of these critical elements and how we focus on building true partnerships with schools and educators to help meet the challenge of intervention through technology solutions that lead to student success.

Let’s dig into the four main programs Edmentum offers for tiered intervention that can be used either together or separately, depending on your school’s or districts’ unique needs.

Exact Path

Exact Path is Edmentum’s newest program, designed to provide individualized instruction and practice in an engaging, developmentally appropriate manner for K–8 students. An algorithm-based diagnostic assessment is used to create highly personalized learning paths which expose students to content gradually as they master foundational skills. The items used in the diagnostic assessment are supported with a great deal of construct validity evidence to ensure that the learning paths are indeed addressing skill gaps for each student. As students work at their own pace, they are supported with an age-appropriate interface, built-in student tools, and motivational trophies and challenges to keep learning on track. For educators, data visualizations and reports are focused on growth and progress to help administrators make informed decisions regarding intervention services and to help teachers provide each unique learner with tailored support to meet learning goals.

Edmentum Assessments

What Exact Path provides for K–8 students, Edmentum Assessments offers for high school students. This tool features two types of assessments: a fixed benchmark assessment for each course and an adaptive diagnostic for intervention. This diagnostic is similar to the one in Exact Path and can provide remediation all the way down to second grade skills and concepts in a manner that is developmentally appropriate. High school students can practice the foundational skills they need in an engaging, relevant format designed specifically for them.

Study Island

Study Island is Edmentum’s customizable classroom assessment solution for grades K-12 that provides targeted practice and preparation for students in all core subjects. This program engages students through games and motivating Blue Ribbons that reward mastery and inspire ongoing learning. Content is built directly from state and national standards so that you know students are working on the right skills and concepts.  With over 600,000 unique items and over 10,000 technology-enhanced items, each practice session is unique, giving students fresh opportunities to hone their skills in order to meet grade-level standards.


Edmentum Courseware is a flexible program that provides the foundational content for any secondary intervention program. It provides thousands of hours of online instruction in the four core subject areas, as well as elective and Career and Technical Education courses, appropriate for learners in grades 6–12. Built to state and national standards, our content provides engaging and media-rich experiences and can be easily customized by instructors to individualize learning for specific students or groups of students.

No matter what your intervention needs and challenges are, Edmentum is committed to working with schools and districts to provide quality content, simple technology, actionable data, and customer success. Interested in learning more about partnering with Edmentum? Check out all of our programs for intervention here, or speak with a solutions specialist today!