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MetaMetrics® Quantile® Measures Now Available in Edmentum Exact Path

MetaMetrics® Quantile® Measures Now Available in Edmentum Exact Path

Edmentum is excited to announce that we’ve expanded our partnership with MetaMetrics, the creator of the Quantile® Framework for Mathematics, in order to provide Quantile measures as an output from our Exact Path adaptive diagnostic assessments. Now, when K–12 students complete their math assessments in Exact Path, the program will not only be able to pinpoint each student’s instructional level, strengths, and needs to provide a scale score and measure of academic growth, but it will also provide educators with a Quantile measure and associated range.

What is a Quantile measure, and what value does it offer?

Quantile measures are yet another powerful metric brought forward by MetaMetrics, the same organization that developed the Lexile® Framework for Reading. And, like Lexile measures, Quantile measures place students’ abilities and math tasks, skills, and concepts on the same developmental scale. This framework required mapping over 500 mathematical skills via an interconnected network that prescribes both a difficulty level and a relationship to other math skills for every math concept.

This thoroughly tested, scientific approach allows students to receive Quantile student measures from a partner assessment like Exact Path. It also assigns Quantile measures to instructional resources based on the difficulty of the content included. This enables both educators and parents to use a student’s assigned Quantile measure to match them with appropriate materials that meet their instructional needs.

How is Edmentum able to provide Quantile measures?

Leading up to this exciting release, teams from both Edmentum and MetaMetrics engaged in a robust linking study to align Exact Path math scale scores to the Quantile Framework for Mathematics. By establishing a link, we’re able to describe which mathematical skills and concepts students have already learned and are ready to learn, using student performance on the Exact Path math assessment. For schools and districts across the country that depend on Quantile measures today, they can feel confident that their students are tracking toward prescribed Quantile growth targets and receiving high-quality personalized math instruction.

How do Quantile measures support personalized learning?

At Edmentum, we are committed to supporting educators with tools and solutions that personalize the learning experience in meaningful ways. Not only does MetaMetrics value this same goal, but also a growing number of states are recognizing these measures as powerful metrics to help achieve personalize learning. During the 2017–18 school year, 15 states used Lexile and Quantile measures to support student learning. This year, that number is expected to double, with more than half of the nation projected to report Lexile and Quantile measures from state assessments.

The increase in state adoption of Quantile measures elevates the need for more tools and resources, such as Exact Path, to help turn data into action. Following the assignment of a Quantile measure, students in Exact Path will also automatically receive an individualized learning path that includes the specific math skills that students are prepared to learn next. With curriculum designed to be age-appropriate and includes multimodal instruction, practice, and mastery components, educators can rest assured that students are being prescribed a playlist of curriculum to keep learning on track.

MetaMetrics has also gone to great lengths to provide accompanying free tools for educators to successfully forecast student growth and support data conferences with parents and other stakeholders. Aptly named, the Quantile Growth Planner™, is a tool that allows educators to enter a history of student measures from end-of-grade tests in order to create a recommended growth plan and pathway for mathematical readiness.

This expanded partnership and subsequent release represents Edmentum’s continued commitment to listening and learning from our educator partners to thoughtfully invest in features and functionality that will support your day-to-day instruction. Interested in learning more about Exact Path? Check out a short, recorded demonstration to see the program in action for yourself!

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