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Dr. Michelle Barrett

Dr. Michelle D. Barrett is Vice President of Research and Learning Engineering for Edmentum. In her current role, Dr. Barrett guides Edmentum’s research policies and agenda and the design and instrumentation of technologies that improve learner outcomes. Following a first career as a mechanical engineer, Dr. Barrett started her career in education in the classroom, teaching middle and high school mathematics. She has since served as a policy analyst for the Colorado Commission on Higher Education, a consultant within the Colorado Department of Education, and in research, technical, and leadership roles at CTB/McGraw-Hill and Pacific Metrics, and ACT. For the past 15 years, her primary career focus has been the development of software, algorithms, and analytics for assessment and learning solutions. Dr. Barrett earned her Bachelor of Science from Stanford University, her Master of Education from Harvard University, a graduate certificate in large scale assessment from the University of Maryland, and her Doctorate of Philosophy in research methodology, data analysis, and measurement from the University of Twente, Netherlands.

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