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Middle School Electives: Edmentum’s Expanded Career-Focused Courses

Middle School Electives: Edmentum’s Expanded Career-Focused Courses

Offering introductory, career-focused electives to middle school students gives them a glimpse into potential career fields in which they could excel before even setting foot in high school. Exposure to career-focused electives in middle school not only allows students to build critical soft skills such as communication, key thinking, and collaboration, but it also helps students to focus on their futures and strengthen their aspirations for high school graduation, college, and the workforce. In keeping with the benefits of career-focused middle school electives, Edmentum has just released 16 new middle school elective courses through our expanded partnership with eDynamic Learning.

Edmentum’s Middle School Electives

With courses like Middle School Career Exploration 1 and Middle School Career Exploration 2, students can begin to delve into their options in different career fields without the pressure that high school students often feel so close to graduation. These types of courses are especially helpful for students who don’t have a concrete idea of what they would like to pursue in college or in their careers after graduation.  

Here is a list of all the middle school elective courses Edmentum offers, along with the career pods the courses fall under:  

Middle School Electives: Edmentum’s Expanded Career-Focused Courses

Course Structure

Similar to the course structure for our career and technical education (CTE) courses, our middle school electives are comprised of multiple units that include engaging lessons and activities. Before beginning their courses, students will have a clear understanding of what is expected of them. As students work through their courses, they’ll complete embedded labs, activities, and flashcards so that they have multiple opportunities to engage with and internalize the content. Each course ends with a final exam and a final exam discussion.

Want to learn more about these new courses? Take a look at our middle school electives course catalog, and access our CTE pathways brochure to preview what high school CTE courses we also have available!