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My Why: Kacy McClean

My Why: Kacy McClean

I have been on many sides of the educational world for my entire career. I first began working as a 5th grade teacher and later as an adult and higher education instructor, teaching a variety of professional development skills. When edtech was still relatively new in the market, I worked in a position where I had the ability to travel and educate teachers about how to integrate technology in their classrooms.  I loved being able to see the early impact of edtech in classrooms and wanted to continue to bring that experience to others.

My early experience as a teacher taught me that teachers have some of the most difficult jobs on the planet. Between balancing students and their individual needs, administrators and their long list of demands, states and their ever-changing standards, and parents (or the lack thereof in some schools) and their involvement, teachers have a lot to manage on a daily basis. When I talk to teachers and administrators, my main focus is to find solutions to make their lives easier.

My “why” for working in education is that I love to see the reactions and “lightbulb moments” on the faces of teachers and students when they finally begin to understand a concept or a skill.  Being able to share these moments with others gives me hope and excitement that our programs really make a difference in the lives of others. Knowing that I can save teachers some time and help students reach their educational goals is priceless to me.

I recently had an experience that solidified my “why” while visiting a customer. I was working through our Courseware program with an Assistant Principal and a Credit Recovery teacher to help figure out if a student was going to be able to pass the class and walk at graduation the next day. The student was in the office with us, waiting patiently to see if he would be able to graduate on time. I walked them through where to see the student’s final grade, and we found out together that the student managed to pass the class! The student jumped in excitement at the thought of walking at graduation with his friends. He hugged the Assistant Principal and the teacher. The Assistant Principal remarked, “Thank Kacy; she works for the company that created the Courseware program and she showed me how to find your final grade!” The student ran over and gave me a huge hug, thanking me over and over. Being able to see the joy and excitement on that student’s face made my day, and it is a memory I will never forget.

In summary, I truly believe that Edmentum’s programs have the ability to change lives. Whether we help students move on to the next grade, graduate on time, or strive to reach their educational goals, I believe that the work I do everyday is powerful. I’m proud to support and work for a company that I can fully stand behind and see its impact on a day-to-day basis.