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Navigating the Transition to New Ohio Teacher Licensure and Certification Requirements with EdOptions Academy Virtual Courses

Navigating the Transition to New Ohio Teacher Licensure and Certification Requirements with EdOptions Academy Virtual Courses

Here’s a question that may make you think twice: are teachers in your school or district certified and/or licensed to teach in Ohio?

The obvious answer would be yes—any old Joe Schmoe can’t just wake up one day, walk into to a classroom, and decide that he’s a teacher. But, the reality is that teacher licensing and certification aren’t that simple. Appropriate credentials vary depending on state, grade, subject(s), and type of students taught; there are various alternative or interim credentials available; and there are lots of different paths to achieve those credentials. Soon, the state of Ohio will be paying significantly closer attention to these nuances with updated teacher licensing and certification requirements.

In keeping with updated accountability and student achievement requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) recently announced that, effective July 1, 2019, all teachers providing instruction in core subjects of English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign languages, and fine arts must hold proper certification or licensure. Under these new stipulations, classroom teachers in core subjects cannot be instructing outside of their licensed teaching field or grade band, teaching under substitute licenses, or teaching under a license not issued by the Ohio State Board of Education.

The ultimate goal of these new requirements is to ensure that all Ohio students have access to a high-quality education that prepares them for postsecondary and career success. But, many of the districts that will be most challenged by the change are those that have turned to alternatively licensed educators because of persistent teacher shortages. The ODE is taking steps to make sure that Ohio educators and districts understand and have access to the proper paths to licensure and certification. However, with just a few months until the new requirements take effect, what can school and district administrators do to fill immediate gaps in staffing and still make sure that students have access to the courses they want to take?

By partnering with Edmentum’s fully accredited virtual school, EdOptions Academy, Ohio schools and districts can provide students with access to online courses facilitated by virtual teachers licensed and certified and powered by rigorous, engaging digital curriculum built to  Ohio’s Learning Standards:

  • Over 400 course options, including core, elective, CTE, and World Languages to replace a missing teacher when needed for full-time or part-time study or just a single class
  • Engagement-focused student experiences built around student-teacher communication and collaboration
  • Flexible, rolling student admissions starting at just $80 per month—serve just 1 student today and 30 (or more) tomorrow
  • NCAA-certified course options for student athletes

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