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New Adult and Higher Ed Programs and Enhancements

New Adult and Higher Ed Programs and Enhancements

Adult and higher education institutions are key to helping adult and nontraditional learners reach their potential, and it is not always an easy job, especially on limited budgets. So, we at Edmentum are committed to creating programs and tools that make teaching, remediating, and preparing easier for instructors and institutions.

Over the next year, Edmentum Adult and Higher Ed will be creating new features to drive learner engagement, learner achievement, and program success. Here are a few teasers of what we having coming out:

1) New curriculum offerings to help leaners prepare for academic and workplace success

2) Increased content and continued support for the certification exams your learners need, including the 2014 GED® test, TASC™, HiSET® exam, Allied Health programs, and many more

3) More tools to support learner/teacher engagement and ensure learners are taking an active role in their success with tools like Edmentum Sensei, our data dashboard for educators, and great new enhancements to the learner experience.

Edmentum’s Adult and Higher Ed solutions provide engaging and comprehensive curriculum, personalized instruction, and assessment preparation that motivate adults and nontraditional learners. Edmentum provides programs to help learners seeking Allied Health and PRAXIS™ assessments certification, career specific education, and certification to achieving high school equivalency with the GED® test, HiSET® exam, or TASC™. When it comes down to it, Edmentum is known for its depth and breadth of content and its ease of customization through modularized curriculum to ensure that the needs of all learners, regardless of their unique goals, are being met.

It is this vision and our decades of experience that we take to our thousands of customers and use to develop exceptional programs for their learners and provide world-class instructional solutions.

When you partner with Edmentum, you know someone is there to help ensure that your program, your educators, and your learners are going to be successful. Talking with our customers, we know how important it is to provide you the very best in instructional offerings. At Edmentum, we know that through an ongoing partnership, we can continue to help you achieve your goals and enable the goals of your leaners.

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