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[New Feature] Study Island for Home Parent Challenges

[New Feature] Study Island for Home Parent Challenges

We’re excited to announce a new feature for Study Island for Home—parent challenges! Motivate your child with real-world incentives that are special to them. Parent challenges are the latest in a set of gamification features designed to make your child’s educational journey fun. Whether the goal you set for your child is questions answered, blue ribbons earned, or sessions completed, this unique feature allows you to personalize the learning experience for both you and your child. These new challenges also give you the ability to get even more involved in your child’s learning and track progress over time.

Study Island for Home Parent Challenges

Study Island for Home was designed with the goal of making learning fun for all children. Built into the program is a wide range of tools designed to catch and hold your child’s attention while giving them control and ownership over their learning experience. Here are four of our exciting engagement and gamification features:

  • XP and Coins: Students earn Experience Points (XP) in Study Island for Home as they progress through the program. The more they use the program, the more they will earn! Points are earned by answering questions, working through activities, and doing well on their practice topics in Study Island for Home. Points and coins can be earned to purchase avatars and games.
  • Badges: Badges mark achievements in Study Island for Home. Your child is awarded a badge for various activities in the program, such as earning a perfect score, collecting coins, purchasing games, earning Blue Ribbons, completing subjects, signing into the program over time, and much more!
  • Blue Ribbons: Children earn Blue Ribbons as they master practice topics. The more they master, the more Blue Ribbons they earn!
  • Avatars and Games: As children earn coins and XP, they will be able to purchase entertaining avatars and games. Over time, as they continue to practice in the program and earn coins and XP, they will gain access to new avatars and games.

Study Island for Home Engagement Features

Whether your child needs to catch up or stay ahead, Study Island for Home includes so many resources for you to explore together. Discover how fun learning can be—get started with a free trial of Study Island for Home today!'s picture
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