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New Girl Gets Back to School

New Girl Gets Back to School

“Back to school, back to school, to prove to dad I’m not a fool!” That’s how the saying goes, right? Well, maybe not for teachers!

Back to school time is here and we know all the feels that teachers experience when it comes to going back to school. The excitement, anxiousness, joy, (maybe a little sadness that summer is over), but most of all, the passion to be back with students and doing what you love! We’ve got some of the top emotions that teachers experience during this exciting and chaotic time according to New Girl’s Jessica Day!


When you're in PD meetings but thinking about decorating your classroom


When you finally get to see your work best friend after the summer

When you meet your new partner teacher


That “new school supplies feeling”


When you see you got the conference period you wanted!


When you’re trying to establish classroom procedures


When you realize you didn’t do one professional development course over the summer


When you have to show your excitement for “jean day” passes


That first day back feeling (and you absolutely CRUSH it)


And lastly, an honorable mention from Schmidt: How all teachers feel about their students… (just kidding!)


We are so excited to get back to school! Looking for fun resources to celebrate the new school year with your students? Check out our blog Back to School: Free Printable Classroom Resources from Edmentum.'s picture
Macy Gilcrease

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