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NWEA and Reading Eggs Come Together to Drive Reading Growth

NWEA and Reading Eggs Come Together to Drive Reading Growth

In partnership with NWEA, we are excited to share that Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress, Edmentum’s dynamic literacy solution, is an NWEA-approved Instructional content provider. What does that mean exactly? Curriculum experts from both organizations worked collaboratively to align core lessons in Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress with the RIT scores that students earn when they complete an NWEA® MAP® Growth™ assessment. Instructors can use the provided placement table to bring assessment and instruction together to fuel student growth.

How can the Reading Eggs, Reading Eggspress, and NWEA placement table be used?

This placement table allows educators to use the RIT scores that students earn on their NWEA assessments to determine appropriate placement into the core reading lessons in Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress. This information makes NWEA assessment data even more valuable, as it provides educators with a direct instructional action plan to improve reading skills. Additionally, leveraging data from another assessment gives educators the ability to have students skip the Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress placement tests and jump directly into learning.

Reading Eggs NWEA Table

How do I manually place students into the Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress lesson recommended by the placement table?

Both Reading Eggs Subscription Coordinator and Teacher users have the ability to place students into appropriate Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress lessons. Here’s how to place students:

  1. Review your NWEA reports to determine student RIT scores.
  2. Consult the placement table to determine the appropriate placement into Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress lessons.
  3. Log in to your Reading Eggs educator account.
  4. Navigate to “Management” in the left navigation panel.
  5. Select “Manage Progress.”
  6. Select the student(s) you wish to place or override placement for by checking the box next to the name(s) in the central table.
  7. Choose “Edit Progress.”
  8. For Reading Eggs:
    1. Toggle to Reading Eggs, and change the “Reading” dropdown to the appropriate lesson.
  9. For Reading Eggspress:
    1. Toggle to Reading Eggspress, and change the “My Lessons” dropdown to the appropriate lesson.
  10. You’re done! Now, the next time that students log in, their lesson progress will be updated to the appropriate lesson in alignment with their NWEA RIT score range.

How else can I use this placement table to inform instruction for my students?

If students are already working successfully in their Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress lessons and you do not wish to adjust their placement and override their work so far, there are two other instructional actions you can take instead.

  1. Use RIT Scores to Inform Assignments

Both Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress allow educators to create custom student assignments in addition to using the default setting of letting students work in individualized reading learning paths. Use this functionality to build additional targeted assignments that align to NWEA RIT score ranges for additional skill reinforcement.

  1. Download Printables for Offline Support

Did you know that every Reading Eggs and Reading Eggspress lesson has accompanying printable resources that parallel the digital content? You can quickly download and print a student PDF for independent homework or in-class practice. You can also grab the teacher PDF, which includes suggested supplementary classroom activities, remediation ideas, and suggestions for ELL support. Simply navigate to the Lessons area for Reading Eggs or Reading Eggspress, and find the lesson that your students’ RIT score range recommends to locate printable options that are just right for your learners.

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