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[Online Courses] 4 Types of Students Who Can Benefit from Virtual Learning with EdOptions Academy

[Online Courses] 4 Types of Students Who Can Benefit from Virtual Learning with EdOptions Academy

Attempting to identify the best route for students to attain academic success is not a simple task. This is because students have such immensely different backgrounds and needs when it comes to their education journeys. The flexible program design of Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy allows students to create personalize pathways that best support their unique situation and needs.

To give you a snapshot of the many kinds of learners utilizing EdOptions Academy, we wanted to highlight four unique ways in which our students are making the most of the program and let them share in their own words why EdOptions Academy is a great fit:  

Expand course options

EdOptions Academy partners with schools and districts to help expand their course catalog, offering an unparalleled selection of interactive online courses including Advanced Placement® options, career and technical education selections, global languages, electives, and an extensive library of core classes. Our curriculum is designed by a team of highly qualified educators and instructional designers, and features meaningful assessments, engaging lessons, and multi-modal learning activities that ensure students employ all levels of critical thinking.

“[EdOptions Academy is] a great way to take classes and earn credits that you might not be able to fit into a regular school day.”

-EdOptions Academy student, affiliated with London Academy in Morocco

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Offer accelerated pathways

Providing students who need and desire accelerated instruction with meaningful experiences that satisfy their appetite for learning can often be a challenge. When educators are also faced with pressure to raise performance for struggling students, too often it's the high-achieving learners who are overlooked. EdOptions Academy provides a self-paced environment that promotes individual accountability. This enables students to advance to more challenging content and concepts at the pace that’s right for them, and ensures they are receiving the appropriate level of instruction.

“My favorite thing about EdOptions is the pacing guide. I have tried many different cybers, and this one is the best. I like how it is very easy to tell if you are ahead, on pace, or behind pace.”

-Full-time EdOptions Academy student

Stay on track academically   

For all of us, life inevitably comes with its fair share of unexpected events, challenges, and bumps-in-the-road. Sometimes, students require academic accommodations, or even need to take a temporary leave from the classroom. However, this doesn’t have to result in falling behind. Virtual options for students who are hospital-bound, homebound, or otherwise require greater flexibility than the traditional classroom can provide is critical to ensure that they continue tracking to graduation success.

“If I don't understand something I can take my time and research it or ask about it. It moves slower and lets me take how long I need to get the work done.” 

-EdOptions Academy Junior, with disability which requires self-paced learning

Provide NCAA-approved options for student-athletes

Serious student-athletes often require flexible programming to fit both training and education into their busy schedules. Specifically, students considering participation in an NCAA collegiate sport may find themselves in this situation. The NCAA maintains specific eligibility requirements regarding course content, standards, and completion, and it is best for both students, parents, and other academic counselors to start planning early. EdOptions Academy has been granted NCAA program approval, meaning that you can trust our courses to meet relevant standards for rigor. Plus, our experienced consultants are there to help guide you through the approval process.

“[Our schedule] depends on the day. For days that we have hockey practice, we work from about 9am to 4pm. On days that we have workouts and/or ice sessions, we work from about 11am to 2pm, then from 5pm to 7pm. It gives us more flexibility for traveling and it allows us to schedule workouts and ice sessions during the day while other people are in school.”

-Twin sisters enrolled in EdOptions Academy, prospective NCAA student-athletes

Supporting student pathways which help students meet their unique goals in the classroom and beyond is one of the primary aims of EdOptions Academy—and there is nothing more fulfilling for us than to hear from our students about how they’re doing just that! Interested in learning more about how Edmentum’s EdOptions Academy can help your school or district expand offerings and provide the flexibility needed to reach all students? Check out this brochure to learn how EdOptions Academy can help you build new pathways to graduation!