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Our Latest Rock Star School: Cruiser Academy

Our Latest Rock Star School: Cruiser Academy

It can be a challenge for school districts to provide alternative options for nontraditional students whose schedules do not fit the mold of the standard morning-to-afternoon class time. In 2010, Groveport Madison Schools in Columbus, Ohio, faced just this problem. Demand for their Credit Achievement Program was so great that the district spun it off into its own center, renamed the Cruiser Academy.

Since then, Cruiser Academy has been able to adapt to fit the needs of students looking for credit recovery, as well as accelerated students and students with health issues that keep them from attending a traditional high school. Here, Cruiser Academy’s administrator for curriculum Sheryl Hernandez talks about what sets her program apart.

What student needs does Cruiser Academy currently meet and how?

Ms. Hernandez: With the combination of Plato [Courseware], Study Island, the teachers in the cloud [EdOptions Academy], and our in-house coaches, we can easily address the individual learning needs successfully for all our students, which include students behind in credits, students trying to graduate early, students on IEPs and/or in ESL, students with medical conditions, etc.

Cruiser Academy Rock Star School Ceremony

How does technology fit into Cruiser Academy’s curriculum?

Ms. Hernandez: We use an integration where students work in-house on their Plato [Courseware] courses and Study Island assignments, while having access to our coaches and tutors. In addition, students have access and work from home, where they can interact with their online teachers for lesson assistance and review.

How can other schools get the most out of their relationship with Edmentum?

Ms. Hernandez: It’s imperative that the school build a positive working relationship with the staff at Edmentum. A great part of our success is the fact that our coaches will reach out to teachers in the cloud to clarify questions, explain a student’s obstacles, etc. In addition, while still being an online class, we encourage all of our students to work with their teacher in the cloud and utilize their office hours to ask questions and get lessons reviewed.

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