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Our Latest Rock Star School: Tolbert Elementary

Our Latest Rock Star School: Tolbert Elementary

Tolbert Elementary is located in a very small, very rural town in northwestern Georgia, where four out of five students come from an economically disadvantaged home. Schools in that situation tend to have trouble securing resources for their students. Tolbert was no different. But when the school and the parents saw the need for students to have a more engaging experience in school, while preparing for the rigors of modern testing, the community rallied together.

We talk with Tolbert Elementary Principal Kederia Angland to find out how they’ve achieved the success that has branded them a Rock Star school.

What were your students’ skills like before you brought in Study Island?

Ms. Angland: We needed our students to have more real test experience. In particular, we knew that our science and social studies scores were low because of lack of vocabulary. We wanted to expose our kids to as much vocabulary as we could.

And how did the community help you make that happen?

Ms. Angland: It wasn’t until the 2015-16 school year that the county provided us with Study Island. Before then, it was our PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) who purchased the product. And what a difference it has made!

How do you engage the students with their test preparations?

Ms. Angland: We use a positive support system with what we call Tribe Tickets. On designated Tribe Ticket Trade Days, students can redeem the tickets for rewards. They can earn a lot of tickets by earning blue ribbons in Study Island. Once we implemented the competition for blue ribbons in science and social studies, our scores were on the way up.

Tolbert is now above state and district average in every subject. What role did Study Island play in that success?

Ms. Angland: We truly believe that Study Island helps prepare students for EOG Milestone testing [the new Georgia assessments]. Our science and social studies scores have vastly improved over the years

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