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[Parent Tips] 6 Ways to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Holiday Break

[Parent Tips] 6 Ways to Keep Your Child Learning Over the Holiday Break

The holiday break is right around the corner! Of course, rest, relaxation, and quality family time are the top priorities, but it’s important to make sure your child’s academic skills stay sharp too! Here’s seven simple ideas to sneak in a little learning at home amidst the holiday fun and festivities.

1. Plan educational field trips

You’re already making a plan-of-attack to fill the days that your child has off—why not include a couple of educational outings in that schedule? Time off around the holidays is a great opportunity to explore a local museum you haven’t visited. And don’t be afraid to get off the beaten path—there are unique, different, and downright strange museums across the country to satisfy all kinds of out-there interests your child might have.

2. Have a family game night

No matter what your family’s game-of-choice is, there are some serious learning benefits that can come with a game night. Card favorites like cribbage and rummy 500 help build quick-math skills, word games like Boggle and Scrabble can beef up vocabulary (not to mention spelling!), and classic board games like chess and backgammon are perfect for brushing up on logic. Plus, a game night is a great way to unplug and connect as a group—no screen time necessary!

3. Get cooking

Need to bring a dish or dessert to share to the family holiday party? Enlist your child’s help as sous chef! Get them reading recipes, measuring ingredients, and setting timers to work on applied math skills. If you’re really feeling ambitious, you can even incorporate a science experiment or two!

4. Don’t stop reading

You’ve heard it before—reading is absolutely key to every child’s success in the classroom. So, just because it’s the holiday break, don’t let your good reading habits break down. Carve out a few extra minutes at bedtime to read with your child (after all, they don’t have to get up early for school!) and encourage them to fill some of their down time with a new book. Try making a stop at the library together at the beginning of your child’s holiday break and help them pick out a few books they’re excited about (get inspired with this list of 50 must-reads for kids from Common Sense Media). You can even have them set a reading goal for the break and offer a reward for meeting it.

5. Write thank-you notes

Thank-you notes are a great way to help your child get in to the real spirit of the holiday season—gratitude! And, they’re a great exercise in writing too. Once the celebrations are over and gifts have all been unwrapped, have your child make a list of family and friends they’d like to write a thank-you note to, get them set up with some stationary, and then help them compose their thoughts. Check out these printable and shareable graditude cards from Edmentum

6. Ask about take-home work

Many teachers assign some kind of homework over the break to help keep kids’ minds working. Make sure you’re aware of any assignments your child receives, and be sure to set aside time for your child to complete them. If your child doesn’t get any official assignments, reach out to their teacher and ask if they have some extra worksheets or activities they could share with you for at-home learning during break.

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