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Individualize Learning with Edmentum’s Adaptive Intervention Solution

Individualize Learning with Edmentum’s Adaptive Intervention Solution

One of the greatest challenges for educators in the classroom is effectively identifying and meeting the unique learning needs of all students. Edmentum’s Adaptive Intervention Solution (AIS), which includes Edmentum Test Packs and Accucess, provides meaningful tools to meet this challenge. AIS helps educators identify students who are not keeping pace, pinpoint weaknesses, and target individual students’ needs to ensure success. So, how can educators go about successfully implementing this tool? Below are three of our favorite ways to utilize AIS in your classroom to help individualize learning for all students.

1. Intervention

Administer Edmentum Test Packs to all of your students to determine their areas of academic strength as well as any knowledge gaps. A strengths and needs report can be generated from these assessments to provide clear insight into where your students stand in terms of standards proficiency. This will allow you to provide targeted instruction with the program’s automatic prescriptive learning functionality. For learners with skill gaps who are on grade level, Edmentum Test Packs will generate a targeted learning path that can be used as a tier 2 intervention. For students who fall below grade-level proficiency and are in need of more intensive intervention, Accucess can be used as a tier 3 solution. Accucess is an adaptive diagnostic assessment in which the educator sets the target grade-level proficiency. From the students’ score, the system will create a multi-grade-level intervention learning pathway as a bridge to the desired grade level. This automatic prescriptive learning path is made up of lesson modules specifically designed for middle and high school students who are working at lower grade levels.

2. Transition resource

 Transitioning from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school are very challenging times for students. AIS can assist you as a transition resource.  Near or at the end of the school year, administer the on-grade-level Test Pack to your students to identify any remaining skill gaps they may have. Students showing extensive skill gaps or who receive a prescriptive learning path as a result of Test Packs can utilize Accucess for rigorous intervention or be invited into a summer bridge program to ensure that they are ready for the next grade level.

3. Prepare for next-generation assessments

Next-generation assessments (including many state summative tests) are being administered in online environments featuring numerous technology-enhanced item types. Students need a platform to prepare for these new assessments! Edmentum Test Packs and Accucess both include technology-enhanced item types that allow students to get the exposure they need to these more rigorous testing items before the day of the test arrives.

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