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Plato Courseware Introduces Brand New Courses: World Geography & Geometry

Plato Courseware Introduces Brand New Courses: World Geography & Geometry

Plato Courseware offers rigorous and engaging courses that are grounded in a tradition of solid research, sound pedagogy, and applied innovation. We partner with schools and districts to provide high-quality content for original credit, supplemental learning, credit recovery, unit recovery, and extended learning. Whether students are falling behind, at grade level, or advanced, our courseware will accommodate their unique needs in an environment in which they will thrive.

In an effort to continuously expand the breadth and depth of our curriculum offerings, we have added brand new semester courses designed to offer students greater exposure to real-world, STEM, and Common Core-aligned practice. Our new mobile-friendly courses, Geometry and World Geography include interactive tutorials, activities, and lessons designed to engage students as they master the materials. Students are constantly stimulated through media-rich resources– and all at their own pace.

We strive to ensure that you and your students have the most up-to-date, award-winning online learning solutions. When you partner with us, you will have access to a network of 21st century classroom solutions unlike any other in education.'s picture
Ashlee Tatum-Eckley

Ashlee Tatum-Eckley joined the Edmentum team in 2007 and currently leads the marketing organization. She studied business at Southern Methodist University and early childhood studies at the University of North Texas. Ashlee is a lifelong learner who is passionate about the power of education. She is truly inspired by the great work that teachers do every day and is committed to making a difference in the lives of all kids.